Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lawanda Kress - doTERRA Gold

Lawanda began her oily journey early in 2013, when her mom bought her a Family Physicians kit. She quickly decided that she had to find a way to keep up her LRP so that she could get points and free stuff from doTERRA; so she took a baby sitting job to supply her family with the oils she now knew were a necessary part of her family's health.

After using the oils for almost two years, and sharing them with her family, who also began to use them, she gradually began to feel that NOT SHARING these treasures with other people would be a crime. So when her Diamond uplines (and later her Gold uplines Ed and Sarah Hildebrand) did Diamond club, she held them many classes and did lots of one-on-one classes and added many wonderful people to her team. At the end of that year, and thanks in great part to the help and guidance of her sweet uplines, Lawanda hit Silver.

By hitting silver in December, she had qualified to do her own Diamond club, and so in 2016 Lawanda traveled all over the country spreading the love and by the end of that year she hit Gold. Lawanda's horizons have been greatly expanded by doTERRA and she is very grateful for that. She never thought she would ever be able to talk in front of people or travel across the country all by herself. But because she knows everyone needs these precious oils in their life, she has grown and hopes to continue to grow with her team
members in this journey.

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