Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Our Orlando Florida Vaca

We had just the most fantastic time. The weather was perfect! Even the sales pitch wasn't bad. (We had signed on to listen to them pitch us a Time Share) It was so easy to say no, cuz it totally was not our style!! We hate big fancy places!! Tho, I said no twice and then told Kevin he was going to have to literally speak the word "NO" before they would take no for an answer. Once he did, it was over. Ha!

Universal and Islands of Adventure were both awesome! I am a movie buff, so it was a dream theme park for me I enjoyed it way more than I did Disney (tho Disney was fun too, I am just not that into Disney, plus I am sure it has improved since I was 16!)

Tanner even got to ride several rides. He mostly trembled through them, but he did love the Minion ride and the Storm (Xmen girl character) ride, which seems funny, but it was one of those that flip you around and around. He liked Spiderman, but was scared.He kept saying he wanted to ride HULK, but Hulk was a scary roller coaster, that none of us wanted to ride. He and Raechel both REALLY enjoyed Seuss Landing (We did that day three)

We LOVED Harry Potter world and had a butterbeer all three days We bought the girls the interactive wands the first day and when we came back the second day we went straight back to Diagon Alley and they went through and did all the spells there, while Kevin and Tanner played in the shade. Then we went to Hogsmeade and they did them there. We rode the Escape from Gringotts ride the first day, it is in Diagon Alley, then the Hogwarts ride the second day.

The third day we did the rest of Islands of Adventure and the couple of rides we missed but wanted to do at Universal (Transformers and Minions)

The wait times were not that bad, even tho the park was SUPER busy. It was the most crowded on MONDAY! But everyone seemed foreign. Barely heard English, and it was mostly British English! We waited the longest for Escape from Gringotts and Minions and Transformers. And it was about an hour for those. About 45 minutes for several of them, but most of them we only waited 10 minutes all three days!!

The girls loved the water rides the most, they were in Islands of Adventure, the Toon Landing section and Jurassic park had a bit of actual water. I recommend bringing a change of clothes!!! We did not and they were kinda miserable. tho they did not complain much. I mean they would spray you with water in other rides, but it was minor, no change of clothes needed til we got to those ones.

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