Friday, February 06, 2015

Tanner and snow and God

Funny story about snow. 
Tanner was pouting the other day because he wanted to play in the snow but all there was out there was mud. 
He said, can I go get snow? 
I told him no, God makes it snow. 
So he says, so is God up in the sky shaking the snow down? (He's already figured out that God is in Heaven and that's somewhere above the sky) 
And I said, no because He set nature in motion and that's where snow comes from..the clouds and weather and nature (because I'm obviously so great at 'splaining things.
so he says - Well, I need to talk to Him about this. Can I call Him? 
And after I laughed for a while, haha, I told him noooo, prayers is you talking to God. God hears you and sees you all the time! 
So he said - You mean when we eat and when we go to bed, that prayers? 
I answered in the affirmative and he said, 
Sooo, God sees us all, but we can't see Him? 
Another affirmative from me... 
Sooooo, God saw Raechel when she called me a meanie brat in her bedroom? Is he gonna lell at her?
Yet more cackling from me, then I said no, he won't yell at her.

Long story longer, later that night when he was praying he was at the end and then said - oh no stop! Then he leaned over and whispered in my ear We fordot snow!! And then said in his prayer, And please snow for us.

He hasn't stopped talking about God seeing us either. He kept telling me all the stuff he was doing that day and said "God saw me do that."

Had to share. It was adorbs. Hahaha

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