Sunday, January 25, 2015

Please stop hate

This is just a little info for people who believe (and post what seem to me to be hate-filled intimidation articles about it, I have seen several) that the current measles outbreak (Disney-land) is due to "more people choosing not to vaccinate" This statement is, in fact, not true. The US vaccine rates have remained steadily above the target of 90% since 1999. In fact, the coverage increased more than 1% in 2013, from the previous year. Another fact is that the rates only dropped below the target of 90% in three different years since 1994, all of them pre-1999. (data is not available on this page about 2014)

I know people like to get riled up over folks not vaccinating! But the fact is that basically the target percentage (or more) of children have been vaccinated for the past 17 years. Meaning that "more people are choosing not to vaccinate" is a lie. (I guess it is possible that the vaccine rates for 2014 will be below 90%, but I don't think so)

All that the articles I've read are doing is giving the mobs a person to throw stones at. (Hopefully that will remain a metaphor)
Vaccinate your children if you want to.
Please stop trying to state as a fact that those who don't vaccinate are responsible for these diseases' existence. That is completely untrue and unfair.
If you are worried about the measles, ask your doctor to test you or whoever you are worried about, to see if you have an immunity. If not, you can be prepared. (If you think you want to try another shot, I am sure they'd be happy to administer it)
And for newborns, breastfeed them.

Blame and bullying have no place in REAL health care. If you cannot accomplish what you want with out scare tactics, then maybe what you want to accomplish is not really such a great goal.


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