Friday, March 21, 2014

Sports rant

I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes. I know most people look on organized sports as a truly wonderful thing.

But I really must rant a moment. 

Whhhhyyyyy are sports so freaking important to people????? Why do the for-sports people deem non-sports people to be inferior????

I do think exercise is important to our bodies, since we don't do much physical activity anymore. But I really and truly dislike organized sports. Especially for kids. 

Sooooooo many people have made this a priority in their lives. And I just totally don't get that. I've been looked down upon for my kids' lack of participation in sports. Like we are a subpar family because we don't do soccer or softball or something else. 

I think it's a newer phenomenon. I don't recall ever feeling like my parents were looked down upon for this. My brother did play high school football. But otherwise we were in 4H, and that was it. And my parents never took us to that, we went with other people. Or if mommy did take us, she dropped us off. I don't remember. I didn't care. 

I guess I don't truly understand why sports are  Oh-so-important. But I have an inkling. 

You know what's important to me? Church and family. 

Yep. That's pretty much it. 

You know why my siblings and I weren't in sports? Because they interfered with the important things. Church and family. 

That's why my kids aren't in any sports either. I just read this article about how this person felt so guilty because they had a tournament on a Sunday and they didn't want to "let the team down" so they went there instead of church. 

Now, do I think they're destined for hell for missing one Sunday, or even if they miss a lot of church to do their chosen sport? No. 

But I'll tell you one thing. If you put ANYTHING above church and family, you will not be authentically happy in this life, and I firmly believe, in the next one either. 

And the way I see it, your presence reveals your loyalties. 

I know that teens aren't always excited to be present with their family. Sometimes it seems with teens they're like "omg, I have to eat with you EVERY DAY! what's it matter if I have to start missing a meal or five to do my chosen sport?"

Maybe it doesn't matter. To other families. 

But my belief is - that the solidarity that is gained from being together as a family is what forms the bond that is unequalled by anything you'll ever find on a sports team. 

Families that are together, help each other when help is needed. They don't give up on a family member when they are at a low point. They keep on getting together every week or whatever and that way they know what's going on in each other's lives and can HELP ONE ANOTHER. 

Same goes for our brothers and sisters in Christ, the church family. 

Contrary to what most people think, your church attendance is for no one else's benefit but your own. When you miss, you hurt yourself.  

Because when you are down and having troubles in this world, and could use some help, if you've not been showing up, HOW WILL YOUR FAMILY KNOW WHAT IS WRONG OR HOW TO HELP?

Surely people don't think their family or church family members are psychic! Haha. I actually think some people do. The way they complain about not getting any help from their family or church. And let's face it, if you are a member who hardly ever shows up, and when you do finally show your face, and you act as if everyone should be grateful for your presence, and all you want is whatever you can "get out of" those people (family or church) then, well really, you're not going to be very well liked. 

But if you're there, and you're there not for what you can receive, but what you can give, now that is what genuine happiness is based on. 

I believe that sports tries to emulate this basis of happiness. I think that's why they're so popular in this crazy workaholic money loving world. Because the gratification that comes from being part of sports teams is a substitute for the real concrete contentments, which come from being part of the teams that really matter in life. 

At any rate, I also see that sports seem to greatly interfere with the "ties that bind" and the true enjoyments of this mostly cruel and hard world. 

I've never had any guilt that my kids don't participate in sports. I know mommy didn't, either. In fact I feel justified because I believe our family is closer than many others and I see the unhappiness they have. 

I do think guilt is one reason people start with the sports. Like it's a way for them to "connect" with their kids and spend "quality time" cheering them on and whatnot. 

But you don't need that when you have "reality" time with family. 

When you're together constantly, (yes there are times when you need to be apart, that's a different thing altogether) you don't have to have "quality time" or a reason to "connect". They're there. It doesn't have to be special, it is real. And therefore a more solid relationship. Solid, meaning, like I said, they can count on their family members to help them when needed. And they can do the same for the other members of the family. Church or blood!

Ok rant over. 

Like I said on my fb the other day, I'm not "judging" others with my opinions, for doing what they do. Everyone makes their decisions based on what they feel is right. But I also don't care for being actually judged and found "not good enough" for doing what I think is right by my family. Which, btw, is not a subpar one. It's a fabulous one. Not perfect. But wonderful!! In spite of our lack of organized sports participating. We are simply participating in the same sport the apostle Paul did, the race for the crown and being together for always. :)

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