Saturday, February 22, 2014

Week 6 back to an 11 lb loss

I lost my pound I gained! YAY! I wish it had been more, but since I really had another hard week, I'LL TAKE IT! :)

I did notice something, I seem to lose on the weeks when I take my lifelong vitality (doTerra vitamins)! SO that is a bonus, I think :)

I went swimming for the first time in months (since before the Holidays) and I am so sore! But I am looking forward to getting back to swimming and walking and I hope it helps me lose the weight and keep it off.

Looking forward to this week. I have a birthday party to go to today, hoping the slim and sassy will help keep me from over doing it there. But the rest of the week shouldn't be too difficult. (Should I knock on wood since I said that? haha)

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