Saturday, February 08, 2014

Week 4 - maintained

Well, I maintained this week. Not bad for being on my period and having not actually eaten for two days straight early in the week due to my daughter being in labor! I actually didn't eat or sleep the whole time. It was rough. But we got through. Then of course I've been so exhausted I haven't eaten anything good for me since then!

Next week I'll get back to eating well again. I bought some romaine and kale for salads and several other fresh fruits and veggies to keep me "honest" ;)

I didn't take my slim and sassy or my lifelong vitality (doTerra brand vitamin supplements) much this week either. I'm really finding the products helpful in losing weight. Several of my friends are trying slim and sassy because I've done so well with them. 

These products don't take away the work (losing weight is hard!) but they help ease the cravings that beset your way. 

It's nice to have a whole food help. 

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