Saturday, February 15, 2014

My first gain since beginning the comp (and the New Year)

I gained 1 lb this week. It was no surprise that I gained. :( I have had to eat on the fly and eat out nearly half the week! Things came up. That is life. However, Friday morning I realized I was probably going to gain, so this is what I did: I began drinking water and I (finally) took some slim and sassy. It made me thirstier! So I drank a whole lot of water and then only gained a pound. I really was expecting a larger gain, as badly as I did this week. I can make excuses, and give reasons, but ultimately it was because I forgot to grab my slim and sassy and my attitude went south :(

Here's to a better week coming up!!


  1. I've not been doing well the past couple days either. I'm trying to eat up my old junkie foods. I don't weigh myself but I've been feeling sluggish. Knowing that I can feel more peppy simply by eating better is making me look forward to a new week. What is this slim and sassy stuff? Is it a smoothie mix?

  2. It is an essential oil blend. It has grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and something else I can't remember off the top of my head. I put a few drops under my tongue after I eat. (And chase it down with some water!)

    It really curbs my cravings. I had a bottle of it for about 6 months before I tried it. Cuz I just didn't care. But with the New Year, I started a candida cleanse. Cuz I am so sick of feeling icky. I was trying to avoid carbs and basically failing miserably...then my friend who sells the doTerra oils, said, "USE YOUR SLIM AND SASSY!" haha I could not believe how well it stopped those carb and sugar cravings.I happen to be an addict. It has seriously helped. It really makes me thirsty. I think that's part of why it works.

    I just hope I can continue to LOSE. And not gain anymore. :-/

  3. I haven't stepped on a scale in months because I know over the holidays I gained back what I had lost in the fall. How did your cleanse make you feel even not following it exactly?

  4. Well, it makes you kinda feel yucky for about three days. But I am not sure if that is from not following it or the way it will make you feel regardless...