Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weight loss comp - week two

Well, this was a pretty hard week. I started out fabulously, then I got sick!!

I have been sick for the majority of the week. I have been using the On Guard+ Soft Gels to combat the crud, and I believe it has helped me not be even sicker. Because my daughter who also has been taking the soft gels, and myself, are the least sick in the whole family! My hubby even got the icky! And he rarely gets ill.

Anyhow, I have basically maintained this week. I have been barely eating because I don't feel like even getting up to go to the kitchen. But I have also been barely drinking for the same reason.

It is not uncommon to actually gain when you are sick, so I am glad I didn't gain any back this week. I am grateful for my weight maintenance this week, and hope next week I will feel like getting back on that horse! ;)

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