Sunday, January 19, 2014

Slim and Sassy Competition Week 1 (Down 8.5 lbs since beginning of theYear)

I started out the new year with a desire to FEEL BETTER. I understand how my diet plays a huge part in my health, and I know the best way to eat. However, knowing and doing are not the same thing.

I have been using the DoTerra oils for everything from sores/skin conditions to digestion and pain issues. I decided with the new year to start the Candida Cleanse with the GX assist and the PB assist. What I had read about the cleanse, I knew I should try to cut out the carbs and sugars from my daily food. So I tried really hard to do so. It was difficult, I am not going to lie. But I managed for two days before my cravings finally got the best of me. I have five children and husband who can and do eat whatever they want, and they also shop for food. So there are always junky foods and cereal and easy carb-filled foods right in front of my eyes, every time I go to my kitchen. And I crave them. I crave them bad.

My friend Michelle McVaney told me about this contest and that I should try the Slim and Sassy for my cravings. I sort of rolled my eyes and told her sure, I would try it.

I began taking the Slim and Sassy the day I entered the contest. I took it after my meals. I was still on the ten day GX part of the cleanse, so my meals were mostly salads and meats/eggs, so I was still hungry afterward.

I was stunned. Not only did the Slim and Sassy curb the hungry feeling in my stomach, I didn't even think about all the chocolate and other junk food in my pantry! I actually FORGOT to eat.

I do not forget to eat. I am home most of the time, and basically hang out in sight of my food. I crave carbs and chocolate constantly.


I was really amazed over this.

I did notice that when I had my monthly time, during the first week of the contest, the slim and sassy didn't seem to help as much. So I may need to look into using Solace or some oil for those hormonal issues as well.

Over all, I lost 8.5 lbs! I am thrilled with the great start to my New Year that the GX and PB cleanse and the Slim & Sassy has given me.

I've noticed feeling more energetic and not as cranky as usual too. These are positives and I am looking forward to the rest of the competition, because I plan to add in some exercise here in the next few weeks as well :)

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