Monday, December 02, 2013

Young love

You know what? I admire my daughter and son in law.

They are young. That is difficult in and of itself. But they've also decided they were not going to allow what is fashionable or cool to dictate how they live their lives. 

They found themselves in the same situation that many teens find themselves in: young and in love. 

The world, pretty well every person around them, basically said to them "this love you have for one another is going to have to wait. You have high school, college, jobs, other stuff; it's all more important than this silly little affair you think is love."

And in answer they said "screw you. We love each other and that's that."

Ahhhhh youth. Haha

With help from those around them who wish to watch their successes, they have what they require to survive. 

If they can keep at the love thing and not fail in it, they will do great. Even if they do fail, as long as they decide to stick together no matter how hard they will fall, they will be a success. 

They seem pretty strong together to me. I hope they do stick it out and succeed in spite of all the negativity they've encountered because they decided to dedicate their lives to each other instead of all the other vocations the world around them dictated. 

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