Monday, December 09, 2013

Peace or stress? Be honest.

Let's just do a Bah Humbug series, shall we??

There are so many conflicting messages at christmas time. This is another thing that makes me dislike "the season". 

"Peace on earth, good will toward man."
Uhhhh. You've heard of Black Friday, right?

On that note, I could start a long tirade. (In fact I believe I shall) Because not only that day, but the entire Christmas season is a lot of extra work and there is, in actuality, the direct opposite of peace (agitation, distress, frustration, upset, worry) in abundance. And what good will is managed is usually fairly contrived and not natural, which I'm not saying is a bad thing, but it is a sad thing. 

First on my list of the agitating non-peacefulness that we put ourselves through every year, there is all the shopping you have to do. NOT peaceful. Not at all. The afore mentioned dark day notwithstanding, you've still got to come up with money to buy all the little kids in the family some sort of gift. Never mind that they DON'T NEED ANY THING. They NEED nothing!! Yet you MUST give them toys and candy and games and clothing and whatnot. Don't you want to make the children HAPPY you terrible SCROOGE?!?!? I despise this part. 

It's not that I don't want to GIVE. It's just that I don't want to give just to have that gift wasted, or not used /appreciated. I hate waste. I hate it when I do it, I hate I when I see others doing it. Which leads to the second topic of the frustrating description...

Concerning the toys and stuff (I refrained from calling it junk. You're welcome) that your family will haul home: There is NO peace there either!! Now you have to find a place for all the recent additions to your already full house!! This is difficult if you are already drowning in stuff, (most Americans are. Poor ones even.) lots of the "things" go unused, the toys end up broken. Let's face it, they're all made in Chinese sweatshops. (Good will anyone? Oh, that's only for us spoiled Americans.)

See what I mean?? We say (and sing) one thing but we do totally the opposite with our completely predictable actions. 

A third item that may not exactly be stressful, but which definitely takes time and effort, is that of putting a tree in your house and decorating it. I can see how that can be a peaceful part about xmas. Because at least the lights are calming. Unless you go all out with the crazy blinky flashy huge displays you see a lot  of these days. That's not peaceful. No. THAT will give you an eye twitch! (In which case you need more magnesium, btw) We are working on this today so I'm reminded how much work it is. 

At any rate, there are many other aspects of the season that are far from peaceful, but those are the main ones, for me. 

Joy to the corporations. Bah humbug. 

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