Sunday, December 08, 2013

Christ's name where it belongs.

Ok. I'm just going to rant a bit here.

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not fond of Christmas. 

One of the reasons (one that I don't share very often) is a religious one. 

It makes me upset when I hear people clamoring "put CHRIST back in Christmas"

Those who do are largely Not Catholics - who were the originators of the holiday we call Christmas. 

And also...they typically go to churches that are named without any regard to their Lord and Savior. Even tho the bible specifically states that the church is the bride of Christ. 

I don't understand the utter disregard of the obvious here. 

If you're going to clamor and holler about Christ's name not being represented someplace, START WITH YOUR CONGREGATION OF HIS CHURCH. 

It just seems to me that when a bride doesn't have the name of her Husband it's not only disrespectful, it's outright mockery. (That's totally my opinion)  ESPECIALLY when this name suddenly gets so important on what basically started out as a pagan holiday. 

It's not right. It's just not. 

Sorry if this is offensive. I know it prolly is, which is why I don't share it very often. But it's true!! And honestly makes some people look like terrible hypocrites. :(

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