Saturday, August 03, 2013

NPR asked "if you homeschool, why?" This is my answer.

I have homeschooled my children, and I have had them in the public schools, as well. Homeschooling is by far the better lifestyle for our family. 

I started out homeschooling my oldest two daughters because they did not NEED public school. I had taught them to read and write and add and subtract before they were supposed to be able to do these things, and they were doing awesome. And since they are my kids and my responsibility, I had no reason to send them to someone else to learn, especially when they were ahead of their peers already, with only my high-school diplomaed self teaching them. 

I later decided to try the public schools because I like to be fair, and also because I was urged by many many people to do it. 
My two oldest girls enjoyed school because they thrive in social settings (I had taught them that without public school as well, because I'm a very social person myself). However, when my third daughter started kindergarten, I had a difficult time sending them all to school with nothing to do all by myself at home, and thought "there's something wrong with this picture" because here I was, their first teacher, their most avid interested party, sitting at home merely signing paper after paper for the school, when I could be spending more time with my loved ones AND teaching them what was more important than just socializing with other kids their age. Such as - how to get on in real life, the day to day living stuff (I believe they call some of those subjects Health, PE, Accounting, and Home economics in the public schools) as well as what THEIR interests were (not always the order they learned things or the stuff they were learning in public school)...

At any rate, I've been homeschooling for about 15 years. I have five children now. My two oldest are graduated and about to be graduated. My third daughter and my fourth are my main students right now, with their baby brother coming right along behind them. 

I basically don't have a need for the public school system. When I used it, I was not satisfied with it at all. The teachers are wonderful people. They do their best. But as long as their students are forced to be in the classroom, the system will not work as intended. That compulsory factor and all the "red tape" that follows, along with the fact that - with all the resources there are in this day and age, we don't really need the schools, is why I homeschool. 

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