Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Grandma's canner

I love my life and all the people in it! I'm so blessed and always have been. 

Even years after my grandma is gone from this earth, she is still helping me! This doesn't surprise me, and it wouldn't you either, if you'd ever met her. She was and is awesome. I only hope I do half as much good as she has in this world. 

So, how is my grandma helping me even now? Well, we actually got a good harvest of green beans this year, much more than we ever have. It's way too many for us to eat right now. So... I am going to use her pressure canner to preserve some for the family to eat when we need them.

I was going to borrow my mom's pressure canner, but Kevin told me I had one of my own. I asked him where we got it, thinking possibly at a yard sale, or that maybe we inherited one when his great Aunt Seva died. But we found it kinda buried in the laundry room and brought it upstairs. Opened it up and it had several books inside in a plastic Baggie. All of them had grandma's writing on them...instructions, tips, tricks. What a super forward looking person my grandma always was. I think I remember her giving it to me before she died. I'm pretty sure she told me I should learn to can. ;)

Thank you God for the people you blessed me with! :)

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