Friday, April 26, 2013

What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?

Here we go on one of my soap boxes. :)

It prolly gets old to hear me talk about home schooling. But I will explain a little here. Because this is one thing I really do believe our world has scarily wrong today. We have a sheep mentality. It is ingrained in us from a very young age that we are part of the herd...

Picture this: A baby is born. The parents are THRILLED and immediately begin to care for their baby. This is a very common scenario. One that happens thousands of times a day, and has for millennia.

These parents love their baby. They nourish their baby. They feed the baby, care for the baby, keep him dry and warm and fed. The baby grows, they keep nourishing and caring for the baby. They nurture the toddler and teach him how to communicate, how to play, how to interact, how to keep himself safe, how to keep himself healthy.

Then, all the sudden, at age 5 (younger anymore): The parents are expected to turn that child over to the government-run community school to be "educated"....As if all the parents have done is nothing and the real learning starts at school.

This notion is so crazy to me, that I do not understand how we even have our public school system that is in place today. I tried to be part of the main "stream" of society. I tried putting my kids into what we call the "public school system"...

See, I don't think there is anything wrong with school, as in - a place for people to get together under a teacher and learn things. I think they are great. Because every parent obviously cannot teach every child every thing they may want to learn. And that there are people who offer to teach other people what they know, that is AWESOME.

However... that is NOT what we have here. I discovered it very quickly.

What we have here is a government institution, which has become the modern version of a prison for children. Think about this. They are REQUIRED to be there. They are forced to be detained in the building, to do exactly what they are told, or face consequences, or punishments.

Main Entry: 
Part of Speech:  noun 
Definition:  forcible detention 
Synonyms:  bondage, captivity, captivity, confinement, custody, durance, duress, immuration, incarceration, isolation, quarantine, remand, restraint, thraldom, thralldom 
Antonyms:  freedom, liberty 

Forcibly, by law, obligating children to sit in a building and "learn"...THAT is not school. That is prison.

School should be voluntary. It used to be. It was a privilege! Teachers were not underpaid when the local parents formed the schools and were allowed to send the children when they wanted to go. Parents appreciated the teachers and their efforts. The teachers appreciated their students, who WANTED to be there, learning. Everyone involved appreciated education as an important beneficial opportunity. Those who did not want it, did not become involved, but found their own path to being valuable to society.

This is why the 8th grade education, back in the day, was a better one than the modern high school education. Look at the tests the 8th graders took in the early years of our country. Contemporary college students would have trouble with the information on those tests, because they are not obtaining an education in our "schools"...It is more like they are serving out their term of being in the custody of school teachers, who are the overseers for the government. (Look up the words warden and superintendent, and see the similarities!)

We are merely imprisoning our children for twelve (actually thirteen or more nowadays!!) years. We are "teaching" them to sit still or be medicated or be labeled a troublemaker. They are taught not to question the authority of those who choose their curricula. Of course the government officials know best what you, one of their junior herd, should be taught so that you can go on to be a productive member of the larger herd!! If they teach you to be a sheep as a child they will have plenty of adult sheep to keep voting them in, allowing them to become fat and rich, carried along on the backs of those very sheep!

I realize that many teachers are trying their best to actually give an education in this poor system that has been created here. However, there are just so many things stacked against them. They may be able to reach a few children, who are meant for the subjects and format that is available. But they also have to "deal with" all the other kids who really do not thrive in the one-size-fits-all system.

I admire teachers in schools. They have a difficult job. They are given children in large groups who were taken from their parents, maybe not by force that is visible, but by force, no less...The teachers not only have to "deal with" the children, but also the parents, who are trying to cope as best they can by rationalizing that it is best for their child to be there, whether they learn anything or not, whether they want to learn anything they are being taught or not....All the while realizing that it is not quite working out as they were told it would. (Your child will go to school and become an educated person who will be able to get a nice job and become rich)

Obviously, our school system *sort of* "works" for a lot of people. That is because people, in general, are wonderful adapters. We adapt to our situations in life. But it doesn't work for many. And they are labeled negatively. "Drop outs" "Below Average" "ADHD" "Failure" "F students" "truant" "special needs" "behavioral problems"

I think it is time for a change. A real change. One that is good for parents, good for teachers, good for children. That will all equal good for society.

I think we should go back to Free market teachers and voluntary schools..

I mean for PITY'S SAKE we have the INTERNET now!!!

If people want to learn things, they can find out everything they need to know right at their computer. And believe me, people LOVE to learn things. It's just that every person does not want to learn exactly what every other person may want to learn. And they do not NEED to either.

I will give you an example of how our system is such a waste of some people's time and lives.

I know a man who is awesome at building cabinets. He does things with wood planks that you would not believe. He fashions beautiful functional storage spaces in people's houses that they cherish, and also pay pretty good prices for, because they increase the value of their homes.

Did he learn this wonderful skill in school? ABSOLUTELY NOT. He learned this in his spare time... He would have had a lot more "spare time" if he hadn't been forced to go to school for 13 years; learning how to diagram sentences (which he really does not have a clue how to do, even after going through several years of English classes in which he was forced to "learn" that skill) and "learning" science facts that he forgot before he even got out for summer break.

He could have begun building his beautiful kitchens a lot sooner if he had been allowed to follow his talent instead of wasting his time being forced by the government to try to find a place in society chosen by them through their compulsory curricula.

He is not alone. He is lucky that he was able to figure out a way to follow his talents. Many people are not so lucky. They are labeled as trouble makers or other negative labels so that society views them as not good enough...and eventually many of them are sent to prison. Seriously, look it up. America has the highest incarcerated population per capita IN THE WORLD.

I firmly believe that our "school" system is a big part of the mess that has become our poor poor imprisoned society. And that as parents we must start doing something to correct this problematic system before we no longer have an identity in the world as Americans....

And now I shall stand down off my soap box! :)

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