Sunday, April 07, 2013

What is your dream job, and why?

I am doing it baby! :)

(This was an out-take from our xmas card pictures. Notice I am keeping Tanner from trying to get Faithy. haha Kevin was caught off guard and isn't smiling is the only problem)

Being a mommy has always been my dream job. Much to the disappointment of many a high school counselor. I did pretty good on my ACT test, and I remember distinctly one of my counselors telling me that I could go to Yale or Harvard or Stanford, what did I think I would like to do in my life? My answer did not please her at all. I told her I just wanted to find me a nice man to marry and have children. Can we say, not happy? She began to tirade against me for it for at least 10 minutes before she decided to stop and reevaluate and just calmly ask if I planned to go to college at all? I told her yes, I was thinking of starting out at the community college, so we proceeded from there. Other guidance counselors got onto me for it too, but I hate being fake, so I always answered truthfully, with the addendum that "Don't worry, I am planning on going to college too!"

I went to college for one year before Kevin and I got married, then decided it was a better use of my time to work to help fund my house than to go to school. I stopped working after I had Kela. I have worked on and off, sometimes full time sometimes part time, since having my kids, but being their mom, that is my real job.

It has it's benefits for sure. Happiness and contentment are mine.

The pay is kinda difficult to assess, but it is there for sure. :)

The ultimate reward will hopefully be to be with my family forever in heaven :)

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