Monday, April 22, 2013

This Friday

Kela is supposed to get her tonsils removed.

Two (almost three) years ago, her dr referred her to an ENT to get them out and he didn't want to remove them. Then this past 6 months Kela has been sick and on antibiotics constantly. She would be put on an antibiotic, start feeling better for a couple weeks, then get sick again. Back to the dr, more antibiotics. So they tried to refer her back to the ENT and he refuses to take tonsils out of teenagers. The other ENT in the area is only doing cosmetic surgeries now. SO they tell me we are likely going to have to go to Charleston, Morgantown, or Beckley. Lord have mercy that is an hour or two hours away from here.

So Kevin sees this ad for a new dr coming to Marietta. She wasn't going to be here until April 8th, but I called anyhow...couldn't leave a message. So I called on April 8th, made sure they took our insurance (Halleluiah they did!) and scheduled her appt.

Her nurse took us into a room with a large microscope (that is what it looked like) and said she liked seeing tonsils in this room so she could look deep with her machine. Well she took her little light, looked at Kela's throat for all of 5 seconds and turned to me and said "Oh my goodness, these need to come out, they should have been out already!" She didn't even need the machine. lol

So she said she couldn't do it that week, but if Kela could get off work this coming Friday, she wanted to get them out asap.

She said Kela inherited my tonsils. I had mine removed when I was 28. I thought I was gonna die. But I didn't!! lol

I hope it helps. Kela hasn't felt good for a long time.

She said she would also fix something in her nose too so that maybe she won't need the machine for sleep apnea like her dad (and grand-dad, grandmother, and aunt, all on her dad's side of the family!)

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  1. That sounds so frustrating! But I am happy to have just read on FB that she is in surgery!