Monday, April 01, 2013

20 random facts about me

Ok, I got this idea from my friend Katie, who got it from here:
30 things my kids should know about me

So here goes day one, which is list 20 random facts about yourself.

1. I am goofy, and love to laugh.
2. I have been fickle in my life (that was for my niece, who will get it when I show her ;) )
3. I love my family. My whole family. Love em all. Even when they make me mad.
4. I call my mom "mommy" and I really don't know why, but I think I started doing it constantly in about 5th grade.
5. I am soooo lazy, but I try not to be! It is my hardest struggle!! Other than the previously mentioned fickleness. lol
6. I broke my ankle in 4th grade, sprained it a lot before that. Broke it again in 9th grade.
7. I stayed with my Great Grandma O'Dell every Friday evening and Saturday when I was in junior high. I didn't stay all night, just sat with her during the day time. She told great stories. She was funny, but  I discovered not big on kindness! :-p
8. I was BOY CRAZY when I was a teen! My first kiss was George Cordell when I was 15. :)
9. I would rather read a good book than watch tv, but I like a good movie! Old books are my faves.
10. I love science fiction and action movies and shows. I prefer sweet stories for books.
11. I love to sing. I was in choir in 6th grade at Park Elementary School. I wanted to be in choir in Junior high, but mommy wouldn't let me cuz some of the concerts were on church night :( My sister Leanna was allowed to be when she got to Junior high, the only reason I can think of was that by then they had changed the concerts to a different day, cuz she wasn't allowed to miss church either!
12. When my brother, sister, and I were little we used to play imagination games, and I remember two of them very distinctly. One was "Beebore" My brother would be Beebore, who was a rabbit, and he would go into his "burrow" which was his favorite blanket, and my sister and I would have to find him. We were VERY small, like maybe 2, 3, and 4 years old? The other game was when we were a bit older "Choochie, Chochie, and Cindy" I always had to be Choochie, cuz my brother was cool so he was Chochie (like on Happy Days, remember the Fonz, well we obviously loved Chochie best! haha) and Leanna would not let me be Cindy cuz she wasnted to be the girl! hahaha We had all sorts of adventures as Choochie, Chochie, and Cindy!
13. I got the chicken pox when I was 4 or 5 and I remember hiding in my Grandma Vanfossen's basement under the steps because my uncles and cousins were making a big deal out of it and I thought they were making fun of me.
14. I loved my childhood.
15. My mom would let us go play outside and we would go into the field or woods and not come home til we got hungry! We would go to my grandmas' houses and my aunt Linda's and get cookies and candy and snacks, so we usually weren't hungry til supper time!
16. I hated getting ready for my wedding. It was drama. And then we ended up with red dresses with white polka dots for bridesmaid dresses. Still a sore spot to this day (20 years later!) But I was so grateful for my mom's help I didn't want to buck her on anything....
17. I have always wanted a BUNCH of kids. When I was growing up I always said I wanted 12. After I started actually having them, I figured I could prolly afford 6. I am only allowed to have 5, unless God has other plans than I can see.
18. I am not crafty or creative at all and never have been. I have done crafts, but they were at best copies of what other creative people were doing.
19. I love people. I am what people call friendly. But only because I just love to get to know people's stories! I guess that makes me nosey. I have been called a gossip before, but I honestly don't remember ever talking about anyone in a malicious way, only because I care about what happens to people.
20. I love food. Almost all food. I have a weight problem because of the sweets factor in my life (also the lazy factor!!) But I know how to get skinny and I am hoping to do it again after I stop nursing my babe... (Weight sticks to me when I am nursing cuz I am always hungry and grabbing sweets!)

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  1. That's pretty crazy that you've sprained and broken your ankle so many times! You must run, hop and skip a lot :)

    And I wouldn't call it being nosey, just interested in other people, which is a good thing in my book. I can't imagine why anyone would think this a bad thing since most people love talking about themselves. I know I do! ;)