Tuesday, April 09, 2013

List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

1. My mom. Well, she is who I look up to for how I want to raise my kids...she did such a good job with me after all ;) hehe Seriously though, I have a lot of respect for her kindness and ability to get things accomplished, among many other traits that I admire about her.

2. My dad. He is a very good person, and he has always provided for his family by hard work, work that basically destroyed his back.

3. Kevin. Well maybe he should have been first, but he is so level headed, which I am not, and always manages to provide for us and make our lives easy and fun and nice.

4. My Grandma O'Dell. She was a great historian, and her grandmother was a Cherokee medicine woman, so she gave me a love and respect for old timey ways :)

5. My Grandma Vanfossen. She was tender hearted and sweet, and I don't know if she influenced me to be that way, but I am very soft hearted, and cry at most anything! I also like to think that it was her sweet influence in having 6 children who even though they were busy and lived far away, always kept in touch with her and came to see her as often as they could, to be the reason I wanted a big, loving, close family; and a baby later in life. She had my dad when she was 43. :)

6. My Grandma Sams. I could say a lot about this woman. She helped people who needed help. She gave people food who needed food. She gave them clothes if they needed clothes. The woman was tiny, yet with the aid of her 14 year old son she DUG A BASEMENT for her house. She was amazing, and I hope that I could even do a quarter of the good she has done in this world!

7. Harold and Roberta Davis, and Naomi McDonald, and Ed and Mazie Haught. These are people who I have gone to church with, Harold, Roberta, and Ed have passed on to the next life. But these people influenced me with their goodness and kindness so much that two of my children are their namesakes. Raechel is from Roberta Rae Davis and Naomi, her middle name is from Naomi McDonald. Tanner's middle name is Edward after Ed Haught. Mazie lives with my parents now. :)

8. My aunts Linda and Wanda. They are my mom's sisters, and all three of them have pretty much continued my Grandma Sams' legacy of giving and helping others. They are all three incredible people!

9. My cousin Paula. She is ten years younger than me, but she is such a good person (she is a Sams!) and she does so much with her two beautiful daughters, she inspires me to do better at school with my kids, even though I have been doing this school thing for years :)

10. Ron Paul. He really did open my eyes to the real issues this country is facing. I felt like a curtain was removed when I started reading and listening to him. It is sad that many people think he is "crazy" because everything he is predicting will be true in a matter of decades, I think.

Many other people have influenced me over the years, the young mothers I know now, like Kate Fagan and Beth Ruegg, they are a wonderful example to me of how I should not be so weary when it comes to being a mama! lol

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