Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Describe your relationship with your spouse.

The above pics are of us on our wedding day in 1993 and then just a couple months ago in 2013, nearly twenty years later.

I would describe our relationship as close and devoted. We have always been very close to each other, Kevin and me. Almost from the moment we started dating we shared everything with each other. We would rather be together than apart.

We generally think alike on things. On the few things that we differ, we usually can talk to each other and see each other's point, even if we still disagree.

We fight sometimes, but the fights have always been short lived, and even with the major ones ~ and there have been some doozies, don't get me wrong! ~ we are always back together before hardly a day is past.

My grandma gave us this wonderful letter when we were first married and it had such good advice in it. Never go to bed mad was one we took to heart. I don't like for anyone to be mad at me, especially Kevin! We haven't always followed her wise advice, being humans, we messed up a great deal, but the important parts, we did. Here is the last page of my grandma's letter <3

I am so glad he has stuck with me over the years. I hope he'll stick with me til the end! He is my closest and best friend I ever had, and I love him very much!


  1. Happy belated anniversary you two lovebirds!!! What a treasure you have in that letter. I have hand written letters to me from my maternal grandma the day I was born and one to be given to me after she passed....precious memories for sure.

    I'd have to say our relationship is puzzled. Yep, all different forms and shapes but we fit together perfectly to form the whole picture. 40 years and countin'!

    God bless you and that precious fam of yours sweetie and have a beautiful day!!! :o)

  2. I really love your dress! Very romantic! And I can see a little of that red polka dot dress you mentioned in another post! I think it's cute :)

    What a neat thing to have from your grandma. What a wonderful lady for taking the time to write that to you.

    1. Thank you Marie! I loved my dress too. It wasn't as stylish as some of my friends' dresses who got married around that same time, but I think it was very pretty. The good thing was it was only $105!! It was mis-sized! It said it was a 16!! I was sooo skinny and did not wear no 16! LOL My mother in law put the lace sleeves on for me, cuz I wanted them added :)

  3. How blessed you are to have one another and such a wonderful family... big hugs and much love and many congrats to you both!

  4. I should have been more specific! Our anniversary is not until June, so sorry about that! :*)