Monday, April 15, 2013

Describe when you knew your spouse was the one

 or how I fell in love....

Well, I was boy crazy in my teens, if you recall. I mostly had the biggest crush on Shawn Cook. I eventually got over him though, when I met Kevin.

I was actually engaged to someone before I met Kevin. Obviously I was not so sure of myself when it came to choosing someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I knew after a few months tho, that I didn't want to marry my fiancée. So I eventually broke up with him.  He would not take no for an answer for a long while, not to be mean, but it took me a while to get him to realize I would not marry him. He stalked me after Kevin and I started dating!

Anyhow. I met Kevin once at a church picnic when I was in high school. I liked him immediately, but was waaaay to shy to ever talk to him. I tried to get my brother to talk to him at school the next Monday, but he refused to help a sister out! LOL

So life went on, and fast forward to a couple years later. I met him again, at church this time. His dad preached at the church across the road from the McDonald's I was working at. I would run over on my breaks for bible class, cuz I am social like that, and knew most of the young people there.

Everytime I would see or talk to anyone from that church (I had dated one of the guys and he was Kevin's good friend) I would always ask them how Kevin was, was he dating anyone?  ... I don't know if they all told him he should ask me out or what, but one afternoon I came in to work and they said a boy had been there asking about me. I knew it was Kevin...I mean I made no secret to his friends that I would love to date him!

He came back that evening and asked me if I would want to go to the big rivalry football game (it was two weeks away) and I was like ...Sure, we could go to the one this week too, if you'd want... lol So I gave him my digits (lol) and he called me every day and we talked a lot and went to several football games and movies and to the Mountaineer to eat (that's what we actually ended up doing first together, along with my ex who was his good friend lol)...

About three months into this relationship, I knew I wanted to marry this awesome boy who seemed to love me too!! :)  We had to wait til he graduated high school, tho! lol

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