Sunday, April 14, 2013

Describe 5 weaknesses and strengths you have.

(Look, even when the house is straightened, there's still junk on the tv!)

Weakness 1: I am sooooo stinking lazy. I really am. I come from a family of doers. They work circles around me. My mom can clean a house SPOTLESS in a day. I cannot do so. I am lazy :(

Weakness 2: I am a yeller. It makes me sad to think my kids will remember me yelling at them, but they will. I come from two parents who were hot tempered and yelled. But their bark was worse then their bite. Same with me. I yell, but I don't mean to be mean.

Weakness 3: I over eat. I am such a PIG. Really. I eat so many sweets it is not funny. This paired with number 1, makes me the chubby girl I am today. :-p

Weakness 4: I am shy.  People think since I am friendly that I am not shy, but approaching new people kills me!! I always think they are gonna hate me!!!

Weakness 5: Impatience! People think I am sooo patient. I am not. I have my moments of patience, and I may be more patient than some others, but I also have moments where I am extremely impatient!!

Strength 1: I will go with patience. lol I really am more patient than some people. It is more like I am more patient in certain situations. I don't get in a hurry for things to happen. I tend to have patience with other people, less with myself and my kids.

Strength 2: I am positive. I try to be always, but there are times I am obviously not. But over all I am a positive person...I try to find the bright or good of every situation and person.

Strength 3: I am friendly. I try to make people feel welcome wherever we are.

Strength 4: I love to converse with people. Which includes being a good listener. I admit sometimes it drives me nuts when people only talk and don't listen. So I try to be a good listener.

Strength 5: I have good intentions! I want to do good things! haha

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