Thursday, April 11, 2013

Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

1. When people make a bunch of noise when they are chewing! Drives me nuts.

2. The word fart. I hate it. I almost couldn't even type it there. lol

3. That I cannot keep up with my housework. Ugh I am such a loser.

4. Bad tippers. Even before I was a waitress it bugged me when people didn't tip nicely.

5. Dramatic shows. Just stay married or get married and GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE ALREADY!

6. People who are dishonest.

7. Children who are let do whatever they want, even when it make others uncomfortable. Children need taught how to be around others without being annoying to them.

8. Victims when there should be no victim. What I mean is, it drives me nuts when people have perfectly fine lives and yet they are the victim of not enough of one thing or another. If you are going to complain about your life, it better be a real complaint, or I do not want to hear it.

9. Negativity in general. Pessimism gets my goat! lol

10. My inability to lose weight when I know how, but I am just too lazy to move my hiny.

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