Tuesday, April 02, 2013

3 legitimate fears

Well.....I don't know.

1. I am afraid of my children dying before they are old old old. That became a fear when I found out I was pregnant for Kela.

I think that is normal for every parent...I have seen many a life on this earth end before I thought it was time. I know God has plans for everyone, but it is so scary to me that it might happen to my family. This is something I pray about morning, noon, and night. I ask God not to give me that to handle, because I know I couldn't. I have enjoyed every minute (even the bad ones, really) of my life and I want my kiddos to do the same, for a loooong time, at least a hundred years!!

2. I am afraid of my children growing up and leaving their faith and church. I want them to go to heaven, plain and simple, because I want to know them for more than just this lifetime, I want to know them for eternity. I want to be close to them their whole existence.

3. I really cannot think of a third one. I guess there are things I do not do out of "fear" for my own, or my kids' safety, but those aren't real legitimate fears that aren't covered under one and two!

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