Sunday, May 27, 2012

One year

This is Tanner exactly one year later, sitting on the exact spot in our living room where he was born. :)

One year ago almost to this very minute, I was nursing my sweet baby boy for the first time. Sitting on that very couch which I had stood in front of to give birth. :)

It was such a wonderful triumphant day! :D

I had felt no need to go to any hospital. I had felt no need to be medicated in any way. I did feel pain, and lots of it!! But with the help of midwives who knew their work well, I had all that I needed. I was in my comfy home, with loving family present. And they all got me through the hard part of having a baby :)

And when I heard those midwives tell my mom and dad how awesome they thought it was when I had stood up and had hollered that he was coming; when I heard them say how brave and awesome and wonderful I had done, I felt like I was the champion mother of the century!!


And my prize was the BEST PRIZE EVER! Tanner has been the most perfect little boy. Couldn't have asked for a better baby to introduce me into mothering a boy. Even though we had a rough start with the weight loss and related issues, we overcame that and he is and always was such a healthy little thing, the doctor couldn't imagine why he was not gaining "like he should"...

SO, I guess the theme for Tanner's first birthday over all is TRIUMPH!

I feel like I am the richest woman in all the world! :)


  1. What a wonderful blessing, Lawanda {{hugs}}...
    Happy 1st birthday Tanner. May the Lord Bless you!!

  2. I love this post! I am so glad that you are getting to mother a boy after all your girls. Not to discount mothering girls (I have been trying hard to be able to do just that for 4 years now), but boys are such a fun gift. And you are a champion mother!