Saturday, April 28, 2012

11 months!

11 months old!

two teeth
claps when you say good boy
plays patty-cake
LOVES when you put your straw in his mouth with water in it
plays peekaboo
not ready to walk quite yet
chases and loves to be chased, especially by big sisters
loves to be tickled
LOVES to dance! Anytime he hears music or even just a beat he starts dancing :)
hugs mama every time he comes to me! <3
Little Piggy, has to have his own plate of food at Grandma's house on Sundays because he eats as much as big sister Raechel!
Still loves to nurse <3
Does not like waking up! But after a few minutes of being cranky n rubbing eyes he is his usual cheerful self :)

He is an all around cutie pie and everyone loves him, everywhere we go we get people telling us how cute he is :)

I have to say I agree. I think he is the cutest thing on earth :)

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  1. Don't let anyone tell ya different darlin'...he is the cutest!!!

    Thanks so much for the update...I was thinkin' of ya just this weekend.

    Have yourself a blissfully blessed and beautiful week sweetie!!! :O)