Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Tanner finally got his two front bottom teeth! At nearly 10 months, he s not my latest teether, that would be Raechel, whose first teeth didn't pop through til she was nearly 14 months old! But he has been having bouts with drool and pain and fevers for the past 3 months (maybe more?)! So I am happy they are through, finally :)

I tried and tried to get a pic, but he won't let me put my hands anywhere near his mouth. It obviously still hurts! The couple times I did manage to feel his gums, I felt teeth :) And it looks as if both are through.

I hope we can get a rest from the drool now. He has a rash around his mouth and on his chin from it.

Even though I couldn't get a pic of his new toofers, here is a cute recent pic of the sweet lil man with his daddy and Sweetie the doggie :)


  1. Awwwww, he's gettin' sooooo big and sooooo adorable!

    You lucky girl you. Geek Son had four teeth, two uppers~~~two lowers, by four months, and I've got the scars to prove it! The little fella would latch down and I'd cry. I'd have to put pressure on his little jaws to get him to let up.

    Social butterfly wasn't as ruff on me. Heehehehee!

    It was good to see ya out and about sweetie.

    God bless and enjoy your day Miss Lawanda! :o)

  2. You should check out Drool Monkey for his drool rash! It's a great organic teether that help prevent it.

  3. Those chin rashes can be miserable! Glad it came through and can give him some relief. Wow, that is a while for teeth! Mine were all getting teeth in around 6 months I think. But it's been a while and I could be remembering wrong. My six year old "baby" just walked through the room declaring she woke up taller. Oh, I miss those baby days!