Monday, February 20, 2012

Pics :)

Kela driving up to Wellsburg Saturday for Lincoln's 9th birthday party :)
 Sweet lil ole Faithy in her cute braids :)
 Cassie and Samantha, pretty girlies :)
 Sweet sleeping baby Tanner! Awwww!

Raechel was in my mom's car, but here is a pic of that sweet lil ornery girlie from today...notice the blue marker on her pretty little face. hehe

 And an added bonus Tanner pic from last night. Isn't he adorable? Hard for me to believe he will be 9 months next week. And no teeth yet! He is standing up and cruising around holding onto the furniture tho  :)

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  1. Driving...wha?...Nooooo! I'm not ready for that.