Monday, July 18, 2011

Life happens

Eeeek! New blogger format! Been gone too long haven't I? Just thought I would share a few things going on since Tanner's been born. :) And maybe a pic or two :)

These few weeks have been hard on me. I think I was suffering slight Postpartum Depression because of some of this stuff! So, first off I need to relate what happened concerning the doctors, then Tanner's weight!

Ok, so when you see a Professional Midwife, you must also see an OB to get the required (by law) testing done on pregnant women. So I was seeing an OB recommended by my midwives, and I had several conversations with her about having a home birth, and of course she said she could not promote it but she definitely seemed ok with it! So it came as a very great surprise to me, when after Tanner's birth as I called to schedule his circumcision (per her instructions to me during one of our conversations about me having a home birth!) her receptionist seemed very elusive, and then gradually stopped answering my phone calls altogether. It was very unprofessionally done. I finally stopped by when he was 18 days old and the receptionist looked worried but went back to ask about the circumcision, and came back out to inform us that the doctor would  " it tomorrow, but that will be the last time she will see you. She is dropping you from her practice because you had a home birth. You will get a certified letter as well." I was like WHA?? I told the receptionist that she had always seemed so ok with the home birth, and the receptionist agreed and said she didn't know what had changed since then and now.

So he had his circumcision relatively late. But he recovered in about two days, and so all was well with that :)

(Addendum: I found out later that she has dropped other home birth mothers from her practice, and even with those who have births in the hospital she is not continuing Gynecological care!! Idk what her deal is...)

The other problem we had with doctors was with our Family Practitioner, who I called when he was 4 days old, because I had him on Friday of Memorial Day weekend remember! Anyhow, the receptionist there told me my dr was not taking new patients. This is our family doctor, we are all 6 her patients! I told her that the dr had already told me she would take him, and she said she would have to call the dr to double check, and I said for her to do it by all means, nd then she had the wrong dr in her head anyway... But she did call and the dr said she would take Tanner, which I already knew, and the girl proceeded to tell me she didn't have any appointments til the 13th of June. I was like... "Uhhh, this IS a newborn we are talking about here. Don't you think she will want to see him like at a week old? He will be 17 days old on the 13th!" Cuz it never crossed my mind that she wouldn't want to see him at a week! :-p The girl said no, that the first available would be the 13th. So I took it, against my better judgement, and then on that morning the office called and CANCELLED the appointment!!!! I immediately made an appointment with a Pediatrician that was recommended to me at my WIC office.

He was nice, but he confirmed what I already knew: that Tanner had lost too much weight and was not gaining any. :(

Tanner was a chubbi-kins at birth, weighing in at 8 lb 6 oz. When I took him to the dr (finally) at 18 days old he weighed 7 lb 11 oz. :( Babies usually gain back up to their birth weight by two weeks.

The doctor immediately suggested formula, but I wasn't ready to give up on my breast milk totally. I asked if we could wait a week and see if he gained, because I knew that I had been dehydrated, and that my milk supply was low, but I had been doing all kinds of things to boost it back up. Well he agreed and the next week we weighed him again and he had only gained 2 oz :( The doctor asked me to please supplement after breastfeeding, so we tried it for 3 days and he gained 6 oz. So I tried a week without any supplements and he gained ZERO. So then I went ahead and began supplementing him in the afternoon when my milk is so low and he has finally gained back up to 9 lbs at 7 weeks! YAYYY!

I am planning on just keeping up with the two or three afternoon supplements until he starts on solids. I also plan on starting him on solids at about 4 months. I waited a lot longer with Faith and Raechel, but they never had a problem gaining weight! He cannot take any formula in the mornings or at night because I have so much milk that he doesn't even want it all. He is actually just beginning to be able to take a bottle within an hour's time. It takes him forever to nurse and it takes him forever to take a bottle. So I think he had several small issues that caused this whole weight problem: first, my dehydration at the beginning; second, his difficulty latching on and sucking - which might be caused by a slightly high palate; thirdly, he was kind of a lazy eater and also slept through the night since he was a couple days old.

He is doing great now. I am sooo sooooo happy that my baby is getting his chubs back. I seriously could not talk about this for a long while without crying bitterly. Now that he is doing better, I am doing better :)

Tanner at 6 weeks

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  1. Oh sweetie, Tanner is just a precious bundle of love. I bet the girls are just e ecstatic...and then some!

    I've been so busy this summer I just had to let the blog snore to survive but I had to come outta of hiding to see this fine little farmer.

    You did good girl! :o)

    Have a great time cherishing every second rodkin', squeezin' and sniffin' that sweet baby head!

    God bless ya and have an excellent day.