Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tanner's birth day (May 27th, 2011)

I think I should be able to claim a three week labor :)

My contractions really were steady for weeks, just not too painful til about three days before I actually went into hard labor. They weren't really too painful at that time either, but they had painful periods, like an hour or two where they hurt and were about five minutes apart.

Anyhow, on Thursday night, I was having regular and increasingly painful contractions every 5 to 10 minutes apart, and I was just kind of hanging out in the living room on the exercise ball like my midwives had said to do to get him to turn around (he was posterior, or "sunny side up"). Kevin was working in the office and I didn't feel like going to bed, so finally about 1am, I laid down on the couch and fell asleep.

At 3am, Kevin came in and asked if I wanted to come to bed, he was finished with his work. So we headed for bed, and I was laying there having contractions every 2 to 4 minutes that were starting to hurt in my back. I could not sleep at all.

I asked Kevin to time them for me for a bit (that's how I know they were every 2 to 4 minutes) and finally I got up and started walking around the living room to see if they would go away.

About 4am I got hungry so I ate some applesauce. About 5am I decided it had been 2 hours and they had only got stronger, so I better call my midwife, Donna. So I did, and she thought it sounded promising so she asked me to call her in two hours to see what was going on then.

At 6am I got in the shower where (sorry about this!) I promptly puked up my applesauce! After that the contractions only got worse. So after I got out of the shower about 6:30 I called Donna back even though it hadn't been two hours, I was feeling pretty bad and needed some encouragement. So she called her assistant (who lives closer to me) and they headed my way :)

Her assistant, Holly, got here a little before 7am.

Kela had got up and was up there with me around 6:30, as well. She was rubbing my back for me before Holly even got here. And you know? She never left for even a minute! She updated facebook for everyone :)

Right after Holly got here, we heard Mommy and Daddy go by on the Ranger, and it was so funny. We heard her say something, and I told Holly and Kela I knew exactly what she said. She had said "Oh look, someone's at Lawanda's, I bet we're getting a baby!!" And I was right, that was what she said :)

When Holly got there, she started putting pressure on my back during the contractions, and it was wonderful. It helped so much, especially at first. After they first got there, I mostly labored sitting on the edge of the couch, and Holly, she is so tiny, she would get behind me and push on my back like a pro athlete!!

Because Holly and Donna are both so tiny, and I am so big compared to them, I did keep feeling like I was hurting them during my contractions, because it helped to lean back into their pushing on my back. Once, I apologized to Holly and told her I hope I wasn't hurting her, and she said "It's ok, I don't need my head this week!" LOL! I think I may have even smiled when she said that :)

I wasn't smiling or talking too much because I was in such pain, but it was bearable pain with the help of my awesome midwives :) The thought of hospitals or medicine never once crossed my mind, truthfully.

The only think that kept crossing my mind was that I wanted it to be over and why wasn't it over with already! LOL

Patience is NOT my strong point ;)

My other girlies and Kevin had all been sleeping most of the time I was laboring. It worked out really good that way. They woke up after my water broke, which was apparently around 10am. My water broke ON ITS OWN. I had always had to have my water broke with all my girls. (Which makes you wonder why!)

After that I was really impatient so I kept saying, "Come on Tanner, let's do this!" haha Also I kept saying, "Lord help me, please Lord help me do this!" and when I asked Raechel later if I scared her with all my hollering she said no she heard me say "come on Tanner" and she heard me pray ♥ I thought that was so sweet.

All the girls, and Kevin, and the midwives assured me that I was not being loud, but I know I was. :)

Anyhow, after my water broke, Kevin was helping me, and I also felt like I was beating him up, but he said I was not, so I am choosing to believe him. :)

Oh I forgot to tell you, I had our king sized sleeping bag on my floor and that is where I mostly stayed while laboring, especially after my water broke. I labored a lot standing up and swaying my hips. It helped.

I tried pushing on the birthing stool or just on my hands and knees on the sleeping bag for a little while. I was not feeling the urge to push, I was just ready to have him :) (No patience!)

I gave up on that after a little while, because I could tell it wouldn't work, so I sat down in the middle of my sleeping bag and proceeded to relax. Believe it or not! I did. I relaxed somehow, and the contractions came slower. They didn't hurt as bad. I slept! In between the contractions. And during the contractions it helped just to wiggle around on the floor. I am sure I looked ridiculous, but obviously I did not care at that point :)

I stood up once and felt a strong contraction, and gave a big holler. And then sat back down. THEN. I stood back up and yelled, "Here he comes!!!!!!" Donna came over (she had been sitting on the couch right in front of me) and said, "She's not kidding!!!" Holly, who had run to the bathroom, came running back in and said "That's the fastest I ever pulled up my pants!" LOL! (She did wash her hands, not to worry ;) hehe)

In the mean time, Tanner's head was out :) Donna was catching him and said I should try to wait if I could to push him the rest of the way out, but the next contraction already had him all the way out before she finished saying it, I never pushed! :)

She picked him up toward me and the funniest thing happened! He grabbed on to the bottom of my t-shirt with both hands and was just hanging on for dear life! It was so CUTE!!!

I was pretty shaky so they had me get on my hands and knees and they laid him beside me on that sleeping bag, and he pinked right up. His apgars were both 10s!! :)

He wasn't crying, but he was breathing for sure. I was whimpering and saying, "He's ok, right? He is good isn't he?" I did the same thing with Raechel, only she was far away from me. I loved having Tanner right beside me, even if he wasn't on me, right after birth!

Kela cut the cord :) And they handed him to Kevin to warm him up while I tried to get that darn placenta out. Kevin even brought him over and held him up to my breast so he could nurse a little while I was delivering the placenta.

It took me what felt like FOREVER (no patience, sheesh) to deliver the afterbirth. In reality I guess it took about 30 minutes. I delivered it sitting on the birthing stool. It helped a lot!

I only tore just a tiny little bit! Not even enough for a stitch. I was so relieved, because that was one thing I worried about. Dr Sims, he always just cut you no questions asked, so with my first three I was cut. Dr Lowden, I asked him not to cut unless completely necessary, and I tore with Raechel and had to have several stitches. So I was very relieved not to tear bad with Tanner. And he was my biggest baby too! :)

I was really anxious to have them weigh him, and when they told me he was 8 lbs 6 oz, I was just tickled! I had been saying I wanted him to be 8 lbs 6 oz!! Just because I think that is a good size, my brother was 8 6 and also, I just wanted him to be bigger than Kela, who was 8lb 3oz.


And he was 21.5 inches long, even tho the first time she measured she got 22 ;) hehe

After I delivered that placenta, I got to sit on my couch and nurse my baby. It was so comforting having my girls and Kevin, and then my mom and dad, all there with me in my own living room with our newest addition to our family nursing away ♥

And My brother came down to see him for a minute, and then my sister, and then my Aunt and cousin came down that evening, and my mother in law came and stayed the weekend. And the visiting began, because I had visitors nonstop :) We even sold our horse, and I talked to the people who bought her, I think that was the next day though :)

It was a wonderful WONDERFUL birth. If I ever have another baby (not saying I will, because I probably won't get that opportunity but...) I would definitely have another birth at home! It was just wonderful. ♥


  1. I'm so glad it was such a blessed experience for you! And he is beautiful. :)

  2. That is such a beautiful story! I'm glad it was a good memory :)

  3. Great job WELL DONE, Lawanda! I'm so happy you all have a wee baby boy to love. He will be such a blessing to you and your family!

  4. Awww, sounds perfect! So glad everything went well.

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