Friday, May 13, 2011

My family

My mil took this pic yesterday and Kela edited it and made it all pretty n stuff :)

Now that is poor Kevin in the back, he is still recooping from surgery. Although, he really doesn't smile for pics very often anyhow ;)

And on the left is Faithy age 11; and Raechel age 6. On the right is Kela age 15 (16 in one month); and Cassie age 14 in front :)

The chubs in the middle is me, carrying Tanner, front and center there ;)

I hope he is big, or I will be embarrassed. Look at how big that belly is!! hahaha

I have been having contrax all night and all day, minor ones. Nothing painful at all. I just hope they are doing something for me. I was dilated to three on Monday when I went to the dr.

I am hoping this means I will have a May baby!! :D I never did dilate before I had pitocen in me before!!


Cuz I am ready. My poor feet n legs are so puffy they feel like they might bust. But my blood pressure is good, so I am not worried. Just a wee bit uncomfy :)

So here's hoping the next update will be a cheerful "BABY IS HERE" update :)


  1. Yea for progress! I can hardly wait to see pictures of your little guy!

  2. Woohoo girl, it won't be long!!!

    Your family is so very beautiful and about to become more so with the addition of little Tanner.

    My prayers are with ya for a easy and healthy delivery sweetie.

    God bless and hopefully you'll be postin' a pix of that precious baby soon and very soon! :o)