Friday, May 06, 2011

Kevin's surgery went well!

The doctor said it looked great. He came home last night and seemed to have had a good night. His pain is manageable, and it seems like the surgery fixed his problem. Even though he says his two little toes on his left foot still seem numb. I am hopeful that will go away :)

Now he should be able to hold Tanner by the time Tanner is born :D

He won't be able to lift over ten pounds for a while though! haha

He is so funny. As soon as he got to his room yesterday, me and Daddy were waiting on him to get there, but they wheeled him in and the first thing he said to the nurse was, "I ordered a cheeseburger, where is it?!" hahaha

She laughed and said his sense of humor was intact ;)

So anyway, tha first night there in the hospital was a bit rough, but I would say that is to be expected when you have just had a surgery like that.

The incision was larger than we were told, it was more like three inches. When we went in to the doctor, they said about an inch and a half. I don't know why that is, maybe we will find out at his appointment next week to get the staples out.

SO anyhow..things are going relatively well for Kevin, since his pain seems to be less than it was before the surgery! :)


  1. I'm so glad to hear it went well!

    Sometimes they THINK one thing will happen, but when they "get inside" things weren't quite as they expected. Unfortunately, it happens.

    Praying for quick healing!

  2. I go happy to hear everything went well for Kevin. I'll be prayin' for a speedy and complete recovery. He'll be bouncin' that baby boy before ya know it!

    God bless and have a beautiful Mother's Day weekend sweetie!!!