Sunday, May 08, 2011

I still have three more weeks!

Or sometimes I feel like this:

I ONLY have three more weeks!!

haha I am really excited to have Tanner in my arms :D But I can wait. As long as I don't have to wait FIVE more weeks!!

I am just worried cuz Kela, she was due June 7th. She didn't come til June 23rd.

I am so worried Tanner is gonna wait til June 14th! ACKKKK!!!!!

But I hope not. I really hope not.

Right now he is in the "sunny side up" position. I forget the actual name of it, its either posterior or anterior. I always get them wrong.

But his nose is up toward my belly instead of down toward my back. His head is down, so he is not breech. But Faithy was in this position when she was being born, and the BACK LABOR. OHHHH the back labor!! It was AWFUL.

I really don't wanna do that again. So I been laying my head on an exercise ball on my hands and knees. It is supposed to help them turn the right way. :)

My friends Michelle and Amber are having me a diaper shower Tuesday evening.I am looking forward to it. I really appreciate all their hard work. It is so sweet of them :)

I hope plenty of people show up so as to make it worth their time!

But not too many, tho, since I will feel so SILLY. :-p

In other news, my Mother's Day was very nice. I got home made chocolate candy and heart boxes painted with love :) And the most important part: hugs and kisses. Very nice :)


Kevin is doing so well he went to church tonight! :D

Isn't that awesome? It sure tickled me :)

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  1. It's great to hear that Kevin is feelin' like goin' to church! Woohoo!

    Wow...three weeks and you'll be postin' pictures of that blessed Tanner! I'm just so excited for ya and prayin' that you'll have an easy (sayin' that tongue in cheek) labor this time.

    Take care sweetie and God bless ya'll! :o)