Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just the randomness going through my head

Kevin's surgery is next Wednesday. He is going in for pre op on Monday.

I also have an OB appt Monday.

I need to reschedule my tutoring appointment for Wednesday because Kevin will be in surgery, but I do not have Brandy's (the mommy of the girl I am tutoring) number. Grrr.

Chili is just NOT AS GOOD without baked beans in it!!! Another grrr. (They ate all my beans with hot dogs EWW!) (I might be a little irrationally cranky about this due to pregnancy)

We have to get this English school work done or I am toast.

Nominative, possessive, and objective pronouns are all equally annoying when you are nine months pregnant.

So are goats who keep escaping their pen. Or getting their heads stuck in the fence.

I really think I must be the most crankiest person on the planet at this second!

I am so glad Daddy didn't have cancer or something bad. You know the thoughts that go through your mind when they tell you someone's white blood cell count is skyrocketing and they don't know why. But it was luckily sinus infections that can HOPEFULLY be easily healed with antibiotics. He is already feeling some better.

I truly dislike grown-up teenage girls. :(

And especially the ones with boyfriends.

I truly like my daughters though. They are really sweet girlies, and I hope we can always be close.

I even like Kela's boyfriend.

I am enjoying being prego, but I am getting exctited to meet lil Tanner <3

I hope I can get back to a good weight when I am no longer carrying around a sweet baby :)

I wish people could just get along and understand how others might feel differently than themselves, without it being a "sin"!!!

I am so sad for all the devastation in this world, but I cannot think about it too much, and I am afraid that makes me heartless, but that is just how it is.

I wish I was more like my mother. (hard worker, getting things done, helping people)

I wish Mommy would sometimes be more like me! LOL (easy going, not freaking out about everything)

This has made me feel somewhat better. Even about the chili. If you read this, bless your heart, I feel for ya!!! ;)


  1. Oh, I so agree about the chili, and I am so glad that your daddy is not in danger of cancer and such!

    I wouldn't know much about goats, but when I was pregnant with Hulk, we had a little dog that was FOREVER trying to jump over fences and such and would get herself hanged by her collar. Trying to wrestle that biggish squirmy bundle with springs for legs back over the fences and save her from choking herself was a tremendous trial at times (also, it left me sometimes wanting to choke her myself!). :P

  2. I'm thrilled for your dear daddy! Woohoo!!!

    I feel a gals got a right to let herself be a bit cranky durin' pregnancy, I can only imagine how excited ya'll are to meet your little fella.

    I'll keep hubs in my prayers sweetie.

    God bless and have a super day! :o)