Thursday, April 14, 2011

In limbo

I could not remember that expression at all the other day. I tried and tried and just could not remember the word "limbo"! haha I cannot remember what it was I was needing that expression for, but I sure can tell you it had me pretty upset I couldn't remember it! I felt like the Alzheimer's had set in early!

So... I am so glad I can remember the words I am trying to say now!

We are "in limbo" now, just waiting on a surgery date for Kevin.

THANK GOODNESS his disability claim finally went through this afternoon. That was a big relief off his mind, because he was stressing out about losing his job :(

He loves his job :) It is mainly sitting on a fork truck, but even tho that doesn't sound bad, it is apparently causing nerve damage where his discs are bulging...

So, he has to be on this here short term disability, which is nice, because he still gets paid a certain percentage of his normal pay, and it lets him keep his position! I am thankful for this program!!!!

I had planned on going up to my aunt Linda's next week and we still may, depending on when they schedule Kevin's first appointment and surgery.

Luckily we are very flexible with our schedule and so is Linda ;)

Anyhow, there's an update for ya :) It was fairly positive wasn't it?!? I am trying to be positive instead of negative!!!! :)


  1. Heeehehe!!! Hubs and I joke about our Part~timmers!!! :o)

    Woohoo girl, answered prayer...God is good! I'll sure keep Kevin's surgery in my prayers.

    God bless and ya'll have a good trip if ya go to Aunt Lindas!

  2. Hey sweetie, I just wanted to let ya know I'm havin' a Happy Easter Giveaway if ya get a chance to pop on over.

    God bless ya and have a great Easter!!! :o)