Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Breastfeeding - disgusting??

This has very little to do with me. *I* have never thought breastfeeding was disgusting. But, I have heard that statement about three times in the last week and I have to admit it REALLY ticks me off!

The fact is, that there is milk in a new mother's breasts whether she decides to use it or not. To say it is disgusting really irritates me!!

Many bodily functions can be described as "disgusting" but YA STILL DO EM! If you don't, you die. Good example: urination.

I have heard people say that their breasts are for sexual pleasure, and breastfeeding ruins that for them. What? The whole sexual thing, I just DO NOT GET. I mean, men urinate using the EXACT same part of their body they have sex with.

Many people have trouble explaining breastfeeding to their kids, and it isn't any wonder since people would rather buy their food from a store in a plastic package than see where it really comes from.

This is how I explain it all to my kids: God gave each of our body parts functions. Some functions are things you cannot see on the outside, like your heart beating, and blood pumping through veins. Some things you can see after a while, like a baby growing in a Mommy's uterus. And after the baby comes out (through the Mommy's vagina. GASP! HOW DISGUSTING! How can the vagina still be SEXUAL after THAT?!?! haha ok, I don't tell the kids that part necessarily! ) the baby will need food. All mammal babies get milk from their mommy. Human milk comes from the Mommy's breast.

Actually, I don't have to sit down and formally explain all this to my kids, never have. Because they have always been around animals. And we all kinda take for granted the knowledge we get just from observation of other animals.

The lack of support for breastfeeding comes from our culture, plain and simple.

Many, many women do not breastfeed because they have zero support from the people around them. It is very sad, since many MANY health problems babies face could be alleviated by them being fed human milk instead of food made from cow's milk.

And the only reason people don't think the COW'S milk is "disgusting" is because they are not there when it is being pumped from the dirty gross stinky COW!

They like formula because it comes in a nice plastic package just like all their other food.



  1. This post speaks to me in so many ways because before I had a baby, I always thought that breastfeeding was gross and that people should really go into a bathroom stall. I was 19 before I found out that breasts were for milk (no fault of my mother, who to her credit nursed all of her babies, and all of my siblings knew, I just somehow never paid attention? I guess?) - so that could have been part of it.

    Now I breastfeed my 20-monther in public, sans cover, give thumbs-up to other nursing moms, attend breastfeeding rallies, donate excess milk, carry a copy of the state law with me at all times, engage in informal milk-sharing with a good friend, and have wet-nursed. SO. I've come a long way.

    Because I've done the 180 flip, I understand why people are uncomfortable with breastfeeding, but I wish people weren't. It doesn't make any sense to me considering that a few generations back nobody would have ever batted an eye. I remember reading a book that talked about the average weaning age in American in 1900 being reported as 3 years and 4 months old - something that people today reserve their most withering and disapproving glares for.

    I guess all we can hope is that by continuing to be open with our children and continuing to promote breastfeeding and breastfeeding education in positive ways, in a few more generations people in our society will be back to not batting an eye at a nursing mother.

  2. In my opinion ( I know ya'll didn't ask for it) it is the best thing you can to for both baby and you.

    It's totally natural just the way God intended it to be. Farm kids just get it...they see it everyday.

    Don't let the 'turkeys' out there still your joy!!!

    Have a beautifully blessed day sweetie! :o)

  3. Well said! Ironically, I was reading this while sitting here breastfeeding my littlest guy, too! lol

  4. I'm really sorry that you don't live somewhere where people are more interested in providing their offspring with natural and healthy food rather than satisfying their sexual needs. Can you be more selfish??

    I liked your point about guys peeing with the same thing they use for sex. I never thought about it that way.

  5. "All mammal babies get milk from their mommy. Human milk comes from the Mommy's breast.

    Yes. But we are so much than just mammals...we have sex for non reproductive reasons, we create, we can project ourselves mentally in the future...etc etc...
    I hate this naturalist trip that is so fashionable nowadays...
    Because natures sucks, natures kills, nature is a failure...
    According to dear mother nature, we should live what...40 years, with luck?

    Recent studies (Kramer) suggest that breasfeeding is HIGHLY overated, thanks to bloody LLL (Leche League)...

    When I hear that women suffer, babies cry because they are hungry, I do not think that "breast is best" is only a very unperfect thing, hasardously set up by "nature"...
    Not for me, thanks...

  6. ...and please, people, stop judging woman, that should give "their offspring with NATURAL and healthy food"..

    Women have the right to make their choice, formula is perfectly right, your breasfed babies will NOT be in better health, or more clever, thriving...this is crap.

  7. Well, Anonymous, since my post did in NO WAY "judge" women who do not breastfeed but give formula instead, I think you are pretty far off the mark and being fairly rude. I had to give formula to two of my babies, although that never stopped me from giving them as much breastmilk as I could. And it also never stopped me from enjoying breast feeding.

    And you proved my point. People have horrible views on breastfeeding.

    And hating nature? Wow. You have issues. It probably is a good thing you are able to get your food in plastic packages all nice and preserved from that horrible nature that causes things to spoil. Good luck living to be old consuming "un" natural foods...