Thursday, February 03, 2011

No news is good news :)

Sorry I keep forgetting to update my bloggy *guilty grin*

I even told Jo the other day of a post I would post, and guess what? Prego brain! I forget what it was! I know it was about Raechel, but I forget what it was exactly... hmmm....

So anyhow, I will just give you a general update:

We are all well :)

Kevin has been working a lot, trying to get some overtime, in spite of his poor poor back :(

I am regularly working too, and doing ok, mostly because I know it is temporary!! I am not a work-outside-of-the-home girl, so it is a little rough on me. The kids, on the other hand are enjoying the mom free time. heh heh Teens, what do ya do? LOL

Kela is still going with her boyfriend, Isaiah, and they are doing pretty good. I think they are too young for such a relationship, but of course there is no telling them that! hehe Luckily he is one of the nicest boys I have ever met, and if they were older, I would make her marry him ;)

Cassie is all excited right now, because she and Kela may start volunteering at the nursing home where my aunt Louetta lives :) I say may, because it is kind of a hassle. They have to have the two week TB test and give references and their SS numbers and ... basically its just like they are applying for a job, only they won't get paid. I just had no clue it was so involved... Cass is so ahead on some of her school, she is waiting for Kela to finish so she can start on her books. LOL

Faithy is struggling with Math, but Cass has been helping her and she seems to do better with her than me! Kevin made us a new schedule so that we have weekly chores instead of daily, and Faithy has really taken to it. She enjoys doing the same chore, knowing what to do every day already :) She is so excited about Tanner, it is not funny. She talks about him the most...well she and Raechel do :)

Raechel is just her same ole ornery lil self :) She likes the new chore schedule too, even tho she likes to pout over doing hers ;) I help her out with her chores (I did the kitchen duties, and she just set the table on her week to do the cooking and kitchen cleaning) and she is so funny: when I told her it was time to go down and sort laundry, she crossed her arms and said "I don't wanna do laundry mom... ITS HARD!" then she went down and started and had a BALL sorting and putting laundry into the washer :) LOL

We have been looking at their baby pictures a lot lately. They all wanted to compare their ultrasounds with Tanner's :D Tanner's is MUCH clearer than any of theirs! (BTW, in case you didn't know already: our baby's name is to be Tanner Edward, after our adopted grandpa Ed Haught, who actually has a label in my posts on here :) it is under Ed and Mazie)

They have all really been loving putting their hands on my belly and "playing" with Tanner. I think they are a mite excited :D

So, there ya go, and update to let you know we are all alive and kicking (especially Tanner, on the kicking part ;) hehe)!!

thanks for checkin in on us!


  1. Woohoo, sounds like everything is goin' well with ya and everyone is so excited about Tanner. That's a great name sweetie!!!

    God bless ya and have a warm fuzzy kinda day!!! :o)

  2. Thanks for the update! It just so happens that the day you decide to update is the day I decide to catch up on the 182 blog posts in my blog reader...I should do that more often, too! I'm glad you're doing so well - I think of you a lot!!