Saturday, January 01, 2011


Well, if I ended 2010 on a sour note, I will just begin 2011 on a sweet one :)

Sorry 'bout that!

I will blame it all on pregnancy hormones :)

I am getting my gender ultrasound on January 18th :) I will be 21 weeks. I so hope they can tell what my lil ping pong ball is! :) He/she bounces around just like a ping pong ball :) This is the best part of pregnancy!! :) I can't wait til others can feel it. raechel keeps trying, but baby is not big enough yet! (Altho, looking at my belly you'd think so! :-P)

So in other news, I have a job now. I am a waitress at a local family restaurant. I enjoy it a lot. I love people, so it is a good job for me. And everyone babies me since I am prego! LOL It is good :)

My girlies are the joy of my life. I love how Raechel is a little sponge, and just learns every moment it seems. Last night she was laying in bed with me and was adding on her fingers. I told her she should try to sleep and she said, BUT MOMMY! I am adding here!! haha Too cute.

Kevin has been having back trouble, but it has not been stopping him. He went today and got 150-some bales of hay for the horses and goaties. He fixed us steak the other day, it was awesome. Whataman ;)

Ok. There is a "positive" update to cancel out my negativity earlier :)


  1. I cannot wait until you can let us know what you're having!! You should post a profile pregnancy pic too! I love seeing pregnant bellies... :) Since mine won't be that way again, I have to live vicariously.

  2. Consider yourself canceled and updated with cheer!!!

    I've gotta feel for ya sweetie on your feet all day but I'm thrilled that you enjoy the job.

    Yep, that man of yours sounds like a keeper...especially if he cooks! Heehehehe!

    God bless ya and have a terrific week!!!