Monday, November 01, 2010

Oh! Hi!

Ummm.... were you wanting to read something? hahaha

Ok. So I am not doing too great at keeping up with the blogging...mine or anyone else's.

But thought since I was here I would just post a little post. :)

We are all well :) I am feeling fine. I have my moments of not feeling great, but they are few and far between. No Puking. I never did really. (Hope that doesn't mean it is another girl! :-p)

We have picked out a couple of boy names. Kevin said we should pick out girl names, but I refuse, until I have to ;)

My favorite is Levi Marshall Kress. What do ya think?

Kevin is stuck on Colt, but I would like to avoid the "CK" names We already have a Keith, Karen, Kevin, Kela, and Cassie!! :-p

I think we need an "L" name ;)

So anyhow, I think he will be ok with Levi, if we have a boy. He does like it, cuz, he picked it; or well, I had made a list of all the boy names I liked, and he picked out about 5 of them he liked, and Levi was on his list. :) Colt is his number one though.

Middle name Marshall, is after my Aunt Linda's family. Their last name is Marshall :)

So. We should find out the gender.... oooohhhh.... along about New Year's. hahaha Got a while to wait huh? LOL

But that is an update for you to read :D


  1. Oooooo....Awwwwww...and oooohhhh! I'm so excited for ya sweetie.

    I adore the name ya picked out. It's a strong name.

    I'm just thrilled your not gettin' sick. My kiddos put me through the wringer and back!

    God bless and have a magnificent day!!!! :o)

  2. I think you need another L in the family too. I love the name Levi Marshall! I'm pleased you aren't puking and stuff. Praying there's a little boy baby "in there" LOL!

  3. Levi is a GREAT name!!! Colt isn't too bad, but Levi is better. I'm glad you're not feeling sick and puking!

  4. Oh, nice names! After so many boys, we have been having a difficult time coming up with and agreeing on another one. Maybe we will finally get to use our girl name, huh?

  5. I love the name Levi! And I love that you are going to do a home birth this time around ~ do you have a midwife picked out?
    Oh, & I had to laugh about your not keeping up your blog ~ see, it's hard to juggle facebook, blog, kids, life, homeschool, wheeww ~ all that jazz ~ ( Maybe you're a blurt blogger at heart, too!! lol,lol!!) ;-D

  6. Levi is an awesome name! And what a relief to not be barfing all day. You and Larissa do pregnancy right, ya weirdos. ;)