Friday, October 01, 2010

15, 13, **11**, and 6

My babies are growing up on me!

Today is Faithy's 11th birthday!! I sang to her this morning and so she gave me a kiss for it :) Such a sweetie pie.

She is having a sleepover with a friend and her cousins, Samantha and Patience, tonight.

Tomorrow is gonna be so busy. First we have a reunion, for our area, and then we have Faithy's party directly after.


Gonna be busy.

Right now her friend is here, and she is down there showing off her goats :) It is so cute how she likes the goaties so much. She just loves animals in general, but small ones the best I think. She loves Layla (the half Jack Russel/half mini pinscher we inherited from my cousin Paula, because she is prego and too sick to care for a dog and a two year old at once!) who is a tiny dog. she loves the cats. And she adores her goaties.

She cannot wait til the babies start arriving :)

So I hope she really enjoys her bday party tomorrow. She should :) Kela is making her a cake too, and Cassie helped her plan some games and stuff.

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  1. happy birthday Faith!! Have a wonderful day!