Thursday, September 02, 2010

Since I am no good at keeping secrets anyway...


We are planning a nice big fat ROAD TRIP next year!! :D

We might possibly borrow my sister-in-law's camper and camp along the way :) Or if that is not possible we will just go in the van and stay in motels along the way. Either way, we hope to learn a lot and enjoy traveling across the country!

We have several main destinations. The first being Seattle, Washington; where Gephry, Andrea, Larissa, Bonnie, and Renee (all friends of mine) live. I have met all but Gephry n Andrea in real life! And if Gephry happens to move before we get there, why then we will make her new home, wherever that may be, another Main Destination :D

One other place we want to go is back to Texas to see my aunt Wanda. We will hopefully catch her on the way home :)

And I would also like to go through South Dakota on the way out and catch some friends in Rapid City. :)

I also have several other friends in that direction I hope to squeeze in too ;)


So as you can see we are totally in the pre-planning stages here. We will be going to several historic places along the way, and we also will be seeing many friends if it all works out how I hope it will :)

Fun stuff is afoot at the Circle K ;)

(modified Bill and Ted quote case ya missed that. LOL)

Now that is my kind of school work :)


  1. What a wonderful trek across this great country it will be for your kiddos. The first thing I thought was what about your goaties??? Just can't help's the farm chick in me.

    God bless ya and have a remarkable day! :o)

  2. Well, I am sure my parents won't mind taking care of them, since I am sure when they decide to trek up to Alaska again, we will be takin' care of their animals for them ;) haha

  3. Squeeze in friends?? i like the sound of that!

  4. If we get to TX I would love to squeeze you in again Johanna!! :D

  5. WOW!!! What a trip! I can't wait for all the kids to be old enough to go on that kind of trip! How fun.

  6. What??? ahhh! Nooooooo, I totally left you out didn't I?!

    I so sorry! You are in there now A ;)

    Love you! <3

  7. sounds like a fabulous trip....Have a great holiday weekend...