Monday, September 13, 2010

School's in

We are doing swimmingly in school, so far :)

Friday we took a day off since the girls had worked like troopers Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and went to the Kanawha County Fair School Day. They had booths showing the children all kinds of historical activities, such as Spinning yarn, Black-smithing, Tanning hides, Metal working, making Applebutter. I tasted the applebutter, and I am not trying to brag or anything, but it didn't hold a candle to ours. I'm serious though. It was SOUR. ICK. lol

The kids also got to ride the rides, and the admission price was only $3 per person, which was awesome! My friend Anne had called and invited me, so it was a short notice thing, but it was WELL WORTH IT! (Thank you again Anne, if you are reading this!)

Anyhow, today we are back to the grindstone, I hope. I am hoping to really work it this year so that we can be ready for our trip next year, whenever we get to go :)

So that is it for me, just school work, school work, school work :)

Oh, here is a pretty awesome website with downloadable worksheets, in case ya need one:

I found PERFECT Kindergarten weather worksheets on there :)


  1. Yeah for school! Thanks for the web site, too! I am always looking for good resources.

  2. I'm so glad you and the kiddos got to experience the School Day Fair. What fun to add to learin'. You do a great job girl!

    God bless and have a beautiful sunny day!!!

    I'm off to mow my acre of yard...........

  3. School is back in here, too! So far, this year is looking like it will be both productive AND fun!