Thursday, September 23, 2010

Raechel is 6 today!!!

She has been SO EXCITED about her birthday this year. She has been cutting things out of the toysrus sale papers we get in the newspaper, and she lays them on Kevin's night stand. "So daddy knows what I want for my birfday." (Yes, she still says "f" for her "th" sometimes. I don't mind, I know she won't do it forever. Although it does bother certain members of my family.... but they just forget that time and life will move her on.... sigh)

This was her list for her birthday:

A zuzu pet (spelling? idk?!)
A cake
A party


I need to get her a Barbie WITH SHOES. But we got her a pink zuzu pet (I need to just look at the box to see the spelling...)

We also got her a little baby doll changing table. It is cute, and as much as she is into baby dolls right now, I think she is really gonna enjoy it :)

We normally don't get our kids this many toys. But I guess we are getting soft in our old age ;)

Preparing for the grandbabies? LOL

Kela was just talking about that with Cassie the other day. They were saying how in just a few years Mom will be a grandma. I was like "Nah, that is like ten 15 years from now." But really? It could happen in 3 to 5 easily. Oh yes. EYE OPENER.

This getting old stuff is not for sissies, I tell ya. That blow right there nearly knocked me over with its truth! Whew.

Anyway. Back to Raechel. (I always manage to talk more about me than anything, sorry, I think it has something to do with the human condition.... :-p)

Her party is Saturday. She cannot wait. She has been planning it with Kela, who is to make the cake. It is gonna be a "girl" cake. It is a Barbie cake pan (one of my grandma's old ones!) and She said to me, " Do you think this is a girl named Charlotte?"


I told her I thought it was a Barbie, and she was very excited!! She does like Barbies. (At one time I may have worried about that, but eh, nothing to worry over at this point...)

So they are figuring that all out and havin' fun with it.

I am glad Kela and Cassie and Faithy like to plan parties. I was never any good at it! Kela is good at baking and decorating cakes, another thing I was never any good at. Cassie and Faith are great at designing invites and planning fun stuff too. And they all sit and discuss it like adults, it is so cool.

What a nice family I have!!!


  1. Sounds like ya got yourself a bunch of little social butterflies on your hands! It is soooo cool!

    A very happy birthday wish for that precious little Raechel. Our Honor just had her #7. It's a fun age, but of course when your old like me all the grandkiddo's ages are fun!

    Ya'll have a blessed day havin' fun celebratin', eatin' cake and just party on girl! :o)

  2. Wow! Happiest of birthdays to Raechel!

  3. Happy Birthday Raechel! Ruby is right behind you and I think she would LOVE the ideas you have for your birthday and for your gifts. I think a zhu zhu pet (or however the heck you spell it) would be a great idea!!