Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just a few thoughts

Since I am feeling icky (mean, possibly premenstrual, idk!)

My mind turns to politics and the mess we have ourselves here in our beloved country.

Here is an article about how much people dislike Obama now, compared to how much they are liking W, better now.

Nationwide, Obama’s approval ratings continue to sink to 40% – a rating that took Bush five years to reach.

Well, here is my opinion on why we don't like our presidents much anymore...

We don't like ourselves much. We want someone to save us from ourselves.

That is it, I think.

Oh, but we don't wanna be part of the solution! Oh no!!

We continue to go downhill as a society, and do not like the consequences of all the fake freedoms we chose to believe we had, such as

"free love" - or basically free sex, have sex with anyone and everyone whom you so choose. Why didn't anyone think of STD's?? It isn't like they are a new thing!!

"Screw marriage" - as in we don't need it, it is old fashioned and not worth the papers it is printed on... basically the right to break up a marriage over any ole thing and move on to a second or third or fourth or even fifth to break up over nothing as well.

"the right to FEEL GOOD NOW" - as in let's get high, or let's get drunk! Who cares if it is addictive and will become an OCD disease that we cannot kick. Or how about this touchy one? The right to become the most obese nation the world has ever known....

"the right to everything with out working for it" - let's spend our welfare money on lottery tickets. Let's sue anyone we can so we don't have to work another day of our lives.

Oh man. I am really feeling mean, can ya tell?

Unfortunately, I do believe it is the truth. Whether I am saying it or not. We want someone who will pull us out of the miry muck we find ourselves in, but it just won't happen. Because no man can do it without major changes. However, suggesting major changes makes everyone call you insane. (Just like they did Jesus!)

Suggesting that people be kind to one another, and take better care of their bodies, and their marriages and families - why, that is somehow trying to take away their FREEDOM. (???)

I guess there isn't much I can do about it. Especially since I am as bad as anyone. I love to eat, especially bad-for-me food, without regard to how it might affect my kids, when they have to care for me later in life...

But I do try to do better!! Maybe I will manage. I do hope I manage not to be too much of a burden to my kids, or whoever ends up taking care of my poor abused body! :-p

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  1. Oh sweetie, don't get me started. I could preach all day of the fact that the kiddos never had to work or wait for anything. Total instant gratification does not develop any coping skills. If little Johnny didn't get what he wanted bam, he'd shoot someone, take drugs and rob the nearest little old lady. Our society has failed our youth. OK...I'll put a lid on it and go simmer awhile!

    God bless you girl! :o)