Friday, September 17, 2010

In order to shove the previous post down....


I don't got a lot to share, but since I was feeling so mean and preachy yesterday, and I am not today... How about we just push the negativity down on the blog wall, shall we?

Well, I am in the midst of not enjoying teenage years at the same time as enjoying them. Isn't it weird?

I don't like always feeling like the MEANIE, BAD PARENT.

But, I do love it when you hear the words, "I love you, but you are driving me crazy!" come out of your teens mouth. So sweet.

And the maturity unfolding in Kela is just astounding. I forgot how it was to grow up, I guess. One minute you are acting like a spoilt rotten two year old and the next you are acting like a mature kind adult.

It is so weird!! Or normal. Idk. I know one thing. It is gonna be the death of me. Especially if Kela keeps baking delicious deserts, which I can't refuse ;) LOL

Ok. I think this is long enough to where the next post is far enough down the page ;)

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  1. I totally understand. The 'teen' years are difficult at best for both parent and child. I tell those who ask for help that if your teen doesn't tell ya at least once a day they hate you, your doin' something wrong. Heeehehehe!

    Too bad we can't be our kid's best bud but they need parents to survive.

    I enjoyed yesterday's post BTW. :o)

    Have a great day girl!!!