Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am alive, I promise

I have been contemplating what to post on ye olde blawg, but since I am on facebook so much I generally just share my thoughts there.

Not that my thoughts are in any way more interesting there than here, but it is always on... ya know? :-p


The Summer of Homemade is coming to a close and we have done awesome. The girls were great. They haven't managed to get on their blogs to post their menus any better than I have though :-p

I may have them start their blogs back up for some creative writing this year.

We are all prepared for school, other than figuring out the actual schedule :)

The kids are actually excited about Math this year with their Life of Fred books. They really enjoyed them last year :)

We are not starting school work til we are mostly finished with the barn, though. Oh yes, btw we started our barn!! YAY :)

To watch our progress you can feel free to "like" our farm on facebook!


Thanks for your support.

So what have you all thought about this here Egg Recall?

It sure does make me grateful for farm fresh eggs, I can tell you that! Whew. It makes me want to get my own chickens even more though. :-p Right now we get our eggs from Mommy, and I cannot wait to get my own chickies!!! :D

After the barn is done, we are gonna hopefully rig us up a chicken run! WOOT :D

On the goatie front, I am fairly sure several of the goaties are now pregnant! :D

Time will tell, but it seems likely we will have us some baby kids running about before too long! SQUEEEEE! :D

K. That's it for me. How 'bout y'all? :D


  1. Woohoo! New barn, baby goaties and a chicken run....does life really get any better???

    It's good to hear from ya girl!

    God bless and have an incredible week!!!

  2. blawg. ROTFLOL! You're so funny!

  3. I am glad you are blogging again, I was starting to miss it. :)

  4. I was wondering why you hadn't blogged in so long and then I realized that I somehow forgot to add your blog to my blogroll when I redid it a few weeks ago, lol!

    Yeah, that egg recall is pretty gross. I wish we had a farm because I think the state of our food system is really sad. I almost wish I hadn't watched "Food, Inc." Ignorance is bliss when you can't do much to change things. I mean, who can afford to buy only organic, local foods?

    Ugh. I have to live vicariously through your family :) You should definitely get chickens!! Aren't they supposed to be pretty easy to care for?