Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer of Homemade

I say that with a booming announcer voice :)



That is our project we started this summer. It is supposed to be a school project, but it is too fun ;)

So, it goes like this:

Each girl (the older three, not Raechel...I don't trust her quite yet to cook! LOL) gets a week. They plan a menu. They make a grocery list. They shop for their food for the week. And then they cook it all week long :) Breakfast, lunch, and supper, snacks too. They have a budget and they have to include at least 5 homemade items (can be home-made version of something they like or it could be something made totally from scratch)

So far we've had delicious cheesecake from Kela, perfectly fluffy pancakes from Cassie, and a really yummy version of Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets from Faithy.

This is Faithy's second week that we are in right now. She started it, cuz the other girls were at camp the first week of summer :)

So I just got done eating the best Soup beans and home made cornbread! :D


They are really enjoying it. I have helped Cassie and Faithy both with their menu plans and grocery lists, but not Kela. And so far they have come under budget.

I think it is a good learning experience. Not to mention that it helps us eat better when I am SO STINKIN' BUSY!!

I cannot seem to get UNbusy! LOL

Like my friend Larissa said on FB "Aren't summers supposed to be relaxing?"


Ahhh well. Busy is good. We have lots to be thankful for and I have very good cooks for kids :D


  1. It's dang hard to have a relaxing summer when it is the busiest time of the year. Yep, it's a country thing.

    What a great idea and wonderful experience your girls are getting. Not only in the kitchen but managing the money for meals and plannin' the menus. What an excellent plan!

    God bless and have a magnificent summer day!!!

  2. YEA! Great problem-solving there!

  3. Wow, great idea -- and sounds fun too!

  4. So, any chance we can get your thrifty talented girls to share their menu plans? ;)

  5. Birdie, I think I will tell them to post them on their blogs! GREAT IDEA!! :D

    Not sure when that will happen, since they are each staying a week with my aunt, but I will force.. er... request them to git-r-dun! ;)

  6. ' Just droppin' in to see how your are, hope your days are goin' well and are filled with wonderful blessings!!! :o)