Friday, June 11, 2010

THIS is why I got goats!

I have started milking Mama Goat! YIPPPPEEEEE!


Laugh if you will, but I am so EXCITED. Kela and I were able to get the front pen cleaned out a couple days ago, and so we had a place to put the babies separate from their Mama :)

So I milked mama two mornings in a row! WOOT!

I only got about a half a cup both times, but I think that is rather impressive considering the following facts:

1. I have never milked anything in my life, unless you want me to count MYSELF. (bahahaha, sorry. that totally cracks me up, every time.)

2. I have no stanchion. And Mama KNOWS that I have never milked anything in my life! LOL

3. I am SO CLUMSY! I have spilled about half the milk out both mornings just from clumsiness on my part, not counting orneriness on Mama's part ;)

So, this morning I had one day old, chilled, perfect, raw goat's milk on my cereal, and guess what? It was DELICIOUS. Very sweet, and the after taste I was expecting just never even showed up! :D (There was a *slight* after taste, but it was SO slight I almost missed it ;))

And I have another half cup of it for tomorrow's cereal! WOOT!

Just call me Farmer Lawanda! ;)

Or just Lawanda. Either one. :-p

Because like I said on FB, I don't guess I quite qualify for exact farmership, having gone on a Hot n Ready Pizza run for lunch today ;) hehe


  1. woohoo Go You!

    and hot and ready pizza doesn't count first time milking :-)

  2. You go there, Farmer Lawanda!!! What did I say way back when.....the desires of your heart baby! Now your gonna be a goat milkin' fool with goat milk on her cereal every blessed morn'! :o)

    Sorry I haven't been around. I've been sick.

    God bless ya and have a super weekend!!!

  3. good job, you'll be an old pro before you know it.

  4. I'm so excited for you! YAY!!! I can't wait until i finally have the girls freshen and I can start milking them! I'll probably be posting about it and feeling silly myself, haha!