Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kela is 15 today

It always stuns me when I think of my kids being the next age up on their birthday. I don't know why. But, like today, I have been walking around in amazement going, "Kela is 15. Wow." haha

Anyhow, I have told you all about my other kids' births, so I will tell you about Kela's :)

She was my first, and I was SO CLUELESS. But it was ok :)

I had very little morning sickness, only vomited one time. But I did get a stomach virus, followed by what I think was pneumonia. I was in my room for about 4 weeks, basically. It was right at the end of my first trimester.

After that I was good. In February, Kevin had to travel by plane to Marshall, Minnesota for his job. He had never traveled by plane before, so I was excessively nervous. And also HE WAS GONE ON VALENTINE'S DAY!

So I went up to my aunt Linda's in Sistersville, WV while he was gone. I had no idea I was beginning a long tradition of going to my aunt Linda's while Kevin traveled while I was preggers. LOL


So, my due date was drawing near, and I stopped working on June 4th. I worked at Walmart in Vienna. And my due date (June 7th) came and went. And it was SUPER HOT that year, starting in April, we'd had 90 degree days. By June we were having 100+ degree days. :-p

So I went to the dr a week after my due date and he told me that if I did not go into labor by the 42nd week, he would induce my labor. I was walking all day every day trying to get my labor started. I even tried to take castor oil. Ugh. I nearly vomited, and did not wish to repeat the performance. lol

So the 22nd came and he had told me to report for duty to the Hospital at 6am. I got there at 5.

They were very quick, and I was VERY surprised. I am naive. You know this right? I had NO IDEA they would shave my pubic area and give me an enema. I mean, yeah, I read the book What To Expect When You're Expecting, but I still didn't EXPECT that!!!! I guess I thought that was somewhere else that they did that kinda junk! lol


Then they hooked up my IV, told me I was already having contractions, (enema anyone? Eww. gross way to kick-start labor), started the Pitocen; and I just waited.

Well for about an hour it was not bad at all. I was like, "EH, people complain about THIS? I have had worse period cramps!!!"

hahahahahahahaha (sorry had to take a second and laugh at my stupid younger self)

So then they got worse. And I just laid there. It hurt pretty bad for several hours.

They kept checking me, and saying "Nothing." or "No change."

Well Dr Sims decided to break my water long about 4 pm. Ten hours of pain was tiring me out, especially cause I hadn't got any sleep for prolly two weeks.

I thought the contractions hurt before, well I can tell you THOSE were NOTHING.

My brother came in to see me about that time, and he said it was WEIRD. I was not making any noises he said, but you could tell when the contractions would come on, because my face would look like I was gonna cry, and then like I was gonna scream, but NO NOISE. haha

If you know me, you know that is just not like me.

Anyhow, later on that evening, I had FINALLY dilated to ------- 4.

Yes 4.

I had spent the last three hours dilated to 3. The dr actually wanted me to get a c-section at this point...He was insisting that I should, and I was insisting that he would have to kill me first. (I am not big on surgical knives cutting me..)

So my dr had said I could get the epidural when I dilated to 5, but then changed his mind when I was still only at 3 for so long, and ordered it the second I was 4.

It took them about a half hour to get it, and it was awesome (at the time, I mean come on, I felt like I was dying.) I took a nap. It was the first good sleep I had had in ages! :)

It felt like I had a three hour nap, but it was just over and hour and a half I believe :) I went from 3 to ten in that length of time anyhow.

They woke me when it was time to push :)

And had to tell me whether or not I was actually pushing or not. That was a mega numbing epidural. Seriously paralyzing!

But a complaint one never fell from my lips, because I was in a HAPPY mood. I was about to meet my baby and I had had a great nap!!! :)

So I grunted and they said STOP! We have to wait for the dr! So I stopped, waited for him to come in (he had gotten a nap too) :) and grunted again and THERE SHE WAS! My beautiful baby girl. Born at 12:12 am on June 23rd!!

She was very pink and screamed immediately. Loud and long. And then they cut the cord, wiped her off and handed her to me to look at, then took her away to get clean. While I pushed out the rest. They had to check her out as soon as she was born because she had meconium, lots of it, all over herself and in the amniotic fluid.

I had a REALLY hard time pushing the after birth out. I couldn't feel anything remember? I think it took me about a half hour to get that after birth out!

So FINALLY I got it out, the dr stitched me up where he'd given his usual procedural cut, and then I ate a turkey sandwich and drank some Sprite :) That was the best turkey sandwich I had ever had. And FINALLY got to nurse my baby!! :)

Then they took her away to the nursery again, and brought her back a couple times for me to nurse her. I kept her with me after that though. We stayed one more night and then went home the next morning.

Kevin had to go back to work that night because he'd used up his vacation, that he took when I was due :), so I would have been alone, but my MOMMY came up and she made me go to bed, and stayed up with the baby :) She would bring her in for me to nurse and then take her back out when she was finished :)

I slept pretty good that night!

Kela was a high needs baby. (This should not surprise you, she is still a high needs kid, always needs attention! lol)

She pretty much cried unless she was on the boob. ;)

Would not take a bottle or pacifier.

Finally when she turned 6 months old she took a pacifier, and a bottle.

And then a month later, she was completely weaned and on a bottle.

If I had known then, what I know now. *sigh*

Oh well. She cried all the time, she only took ten minute snoozes. No naps. BUT thankfully she slept all night long, and I mean like 8 hours, from the time she was about 6 weeks old.

I have always loved being her mommy. And I know I complain about her teenagerish ways, but really I feel so very blessed to have had her in my life all these 15 years, and I thank God for her every day.


  1. Wow! Your uterus must be really comfy :) I love birth stories. I hope I will remember so much when my kids turn 15. I am so looking forward to the birth of my next since it'll likely be the last. It'll be so bitter sweet. It's just the best thing ever to meet them for the first time.

  2. Awww! I loved reading that!

  3. I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  4. Happiest of (belated) birthday wishes to Kela!

  5. Happy, happy birthday to sweet Kela. What a great job you did!

    I just wanted to touch base, I'm still fightin' the dang shingles and have been ordered to do nothing and heal up but I miss ya'll so much so I'm cheating just a bit.

    God bless and I hope Miss Kela had the best birthday!!! :o)

  6. Aww! Happy birthday to your girl!

    As today is my due date for my own first little one (a girl even!), I'm pretty anxious for the ball to get rolling on its own--I don't want to be shaved and enema-ed--yuck!

  7. Hello? Is this thing on? ;)